Oh Yeah!!

I have 4 Advanced Live TAPES…yes there is that word again…TAPES.  I was looked at like I was doing cave drawings when I was out looking for a VCR/VHS player.  It was the same look that I got when the kids actually saw a record for the first time.  What is this Tape Thing you speak of??  Okay…so…finding a VHS player was futile.  LUCKY me ..Kellie and Lou have one.  I checked out Advanced Live 5.  Oh Yes Baby…it is on.  I tried on a pair of shorts that I used to work out with.  Wont get past the old knees.  IF I follow the Advanced Live old ass Taebo Tape (circa 1999…11 whole years!  Where has the time gone) I will be getting skinny again.
I need to sweat again.  I am hoping the 11 year difference and 5 year difference from when  first lost weight wont be that much of a difference.  We shall find out…it is team wonder twin again.  This time…on my own terms.  Off to work out and getting skinny.

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