Still on track…

I took off on Friday since The Girl had friends over.  It would not be a good look to have Mom sweating and punching to Taebo while my daughter’s teenaged friends watched.  There really isnt anyplace for them to go in this little box.  🙂  Yesterday I did the Taebo Ripped Advanced Live 1.  That one is a killer.  I would rather do Ultimate Taebo (90 minutes of Taebo frenzy) than do the Advanced 1 two days in a row.  I know I said that I would do Amped…but I am trying to burn fat and get my cardio back up to par.  I also want to get all that junk out of my chest. 
TODAY…Ultimate Taebo.  I know I will get through this one just fine.  Im rocking Atkins…but right now I’m feeling like I want to fast today.  The lack of alcohol is a bit refreshing…but then again it is weird.  I dont know…now I’m babbling…I need to get the workout in before I lose the motivation…
If you dont mind…could you just leave a comment…I’m wondering if I have any following other than spam bots….It would be appreciated…even if it’s just HI…I want to know if actual people read my words anymore.


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  1. Poppa John says:

    The more traffic, the more comments and people seem to comment less today than 3 years ago. Seems that everybody feels more free to comment on your facebook site although it is less on topic and far more banal. I mean why would I want to act like and exercise expert to a person who I am sure can kick my butt. Just keep plugging and you’ll get your fan base back again.

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