I'm BACK!!

…and 40 years old.  I have maintained my weightloss for the most part.  My husband is in Florida…I am still in Arizona.  I had several mini nervous breakdowns…got medicated…almost ended my marriage…BUT…I’M STILL HERE!!  I have decided that I am gonna bring sexy back…in a major way.  I’m 40…still looking darn good.  I want to be beyond cougar status by the time I get to 41.  I will do what worked for me the first time…LOW CARB…TAEBO…NO ALCOHOL.  I will see what this does for me…
Just feels good to be back where I’m comfortable.



  1. Poppa John says:

    Well, I’m back too in a kinder and gentler form. My wife died about 4 months ago from complication due to emphysema and she suffered depression and nervous breakdowns which I always believed was a side effect of smoking and probably living with me for 43 years.
    I to am in a makeover phase because my daughter said no more adventures with my granddaughters until I got down to 205 (40 pound loss). She threatened to cancel space-camp.
    Joined a gym, cooking portion controlled meals in my coffeepot but still drinking too much wine – Oh well planning on modifying that in a future but tough to do after 51 years. (I started at 14)
    Good luck in all your endeavors
    Formerly the FatSavage

  2. Robin says:

    You have my condolences…I am very sorry for your loss. It is good to see you back and you have just helped me with my resolve to continue on with my recommittment to a healthier lifestyle..,
    Bless you and good luck to you as well..,

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