Rockin' My Abs…

…and so is the Husband.  Yesterday evening he joined me to do the workout.  This ab workout is one of the best ones I have done with Billy.  I would suggest that you buy the extra workouts that are available for the Amped system.  I swear I like these workouts better than the ones that came with the bar.  🙂
Apparently I am in a little better shape than I thought…my abs anyway.  I was still feeling the workout from Sunday when I did the Ab workout again last night.  Whew!  Like my Brother…my Husband keeps me in stitches and makes the workout interesting.  He talks to the television just like I do.  Since we have this giant screen TV it is like we have life-sized Billy and crew in the house. I wish I could record us…we are having arguments with the television.  I think we are great motivators as well…he wanted to quit at one point and I told him that quitting 5 minutes before the end is like getting off a plane before it lands.  I think I will be able to have my Husband join me in a couple of Taebo workouts because this series isn’t a lot of punching and kicking.  This Taebo focuses on sculpting…something that I need right now since I am older.  My joints aren’t what they used to be.  Ten years ago I didn’t have sound effects whenever I stood up.  I sound like rice crispies these days.  I am taking Glucosamine and MSM…it seems to be working.
Something else that I have noticed since starting back with Billy…I AM NOT BLOATED!!  Woohoo!  Yahoo!!  It was getting really depressing in the mornings dealing with the bloat and trying to not have the muffin top over the jeans.  I am bouncing back (thank goodness for muscle memory) really fast.  I am proof that it is possible to take almost two months off and still be able to get back into the swing of things.  I know that I am not up to my full potential yet…but the results after three workouts are impressive.  My craving for carbs is almost non existent.  I am serious.  Working out while doing low carb really helps with the cravings.  Solidifying my stance on exercise being the key magic (not just some chicken) in helping to reach your goal.
Tonight we will be doing Sculpt Express or Taebo Elite Spot Training Upper Body.  Both of these workouts focus on sculpting and weights.  There is very little if any kicking.  The Sculpt Express uses the bar (or 3 pound weights) and the Elite uses dumbbells.  I shall see…my husband is calling me The Marquis (as in Marquis de Sade).  I told him…I will train him and work him.  I did the same with my brother (I will try to see if I could get the two men in the same room to workout with me) and he saw results.  My hero is Jillian Michaels…I so want to be like her when I grow up!


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