New Taebo!!

I can barely keep still.  I just found out from the Taebo Message board there will be new Taebo.  This time with a “WHACK“.  Whatever the heck that means… 🙂
ANYHOO…I cannot wait to see if it is incorporating the Amped workouts.  After the day I have been having it is nice to hear about something new.
The Husband and I will be doing the Rockin’ Abs workout and I think I will follow it up with the Rockin’ Buns workout while he does the Perfect Pushup thingy.  I feel better knowing that he is taking me seriously.  Taebo has been a part of my life for almost 10 years now…and he is the one who first introduced it to me.  He saw the very first infomercial…saw that I was interested and then ordered the system for me.  I think I figured out why he has always not wanted to do the workouts with me…the Man has absolutely no coordination with the kicks and the movements.  My brother didn’t in the beginning…and I could care less.  Like I explained to him if I sat there and worried about him being offbeat then I would injure myself doing my workout.
I wonder what he will say about the newest Taebo I want to get?  As I find out more details I will spill. 
What in the heck does WHACK mean??

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