Dear Lord…

MAGIC CHICKEN DIET?? (Not linking that foolishness)
(shaking head slowly)
I’ve seen the plan.  Do yourself a favor and get ANY low carb book out there and then find yourself a free forum if you want to chat and make friends. 
The lengths that people will go through to make a buck.  I have successfully lost weight…It has never crossed my mind to come up with any kind of Frankenstein Low Carb Plan and then sell it to people.  If you are truly there to help folks then the advice should be free.
I tell anyone who wants to willingly (or unwillingly…I have held arms to prevent escape) know how I did it…how long it took…and I am also honest about setbacks I have had and how…yes…HARD it can be to maintain your weight.  It is a lifestyle change.  There is no quick fix that is healthy.  You have to move your body…exercise plays a big part in success.  The only Magical Chicken I want is the one that will lay solid gold eggs at my command.
What is next??  The Enchanted Egg and Turkey Diet??



  1. Robin says:

    Sweet Jeebus…it can’t get any better than that foolishness. I guess we will be required to suck on the beaks?? That is really low calorie and low carb…why eat at all?

  2. Robin says:

    LOL…I don’t mind. That is how I feel.
    People are going far these days to lose weight. I just wish people would remember that we didn’t go from a size 6 to a 26 overnight. It takes time to gain as well as lose weight. There is no quick fix…

  3. Mayberryfan says:

    Love it! The “Tragic” Chicken Diet is nothing but starvation which has been known to take weight off. What I don’t get is why these people who start this kind of wholesale fraud aren’t worried about killing someone? There are plenty of ways to make a buck without risking someones’ life. Bonnie Luper can put that in her beak and smoke it!

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