I am beyond sad right now.  Yesterday a soldier (young enough to be my son) was discovered in his room dead.  He had taken his life.  It makes me so sad.  I had just spoken to this child on Friday…I had gone to his room to help him with a couple of work orders.  My last words to him was “Good Job…your room is so clean!”  He was a child to me.  Most of the kids in here are like my children.  It is like I have 98 Jay and Lo in a building.  The average age in here is 20.

This is affecting me more than I can imagine.  I hope whatever pain he was feeling in this life is now gone in the afterlife.  I just want to scream out that there is nothing that terrible in this world to make you want to stop your life.  Life is a series of moments…there are bad ones as well as good ones. 

I just saw this child

I need to get a new job.

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