Yesterday the Husband (not mad at him anymore…was vindicated) did an Amped Workout with me.  Rockin’ Abs.  Wow.  He started off by picking up the Amped Bar and doing Kung Fu Theatre moves.  When he saw that I wasn’t hopping around kicking and punching he joined in.  He sweat like he was being chased (too funny).  I guess Taebo is no longer a joke to him.  I think I may have a new workout buddy after all. 
Yesterday I did Rockin’ Abs and I also threw in Sculpt Express for good measure.  Stuff is sore today but it is a sore that I was missing.  I am definitely not feeling down today and I have energy this morning.  I am not sure which Billy I will do this evening…but any exercise is better than no exercise to me.  The focus will be on my abs.  I do not like the look of “muffin top” when I am wearing jeans.  I cannot afford to buy new clothes now so it is Billy, ab and bun workouts, with some sculpting for the next month. 
I even had him eating low carb yesterday.  Wonderful!

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