I have always liked eDiets.  But I just noticed that they have joined the bandwagon of offering food to the dieters.  Basically you can order a full week of food each week (that is fresh and chilled unlike Nutrisystem’s food) for the duration of your weight loss.  That would equal about $526.00 per month. $6316.00 per year.
I like convenience…but the point of going on a plan is to get healthy and to learn HOW to prepare the foods and understanding nutrition.  What happens after you have made goal??  Move on to the 5 day a week plan @99.00 a week? 
I am on a Hybrid of Atkins/South Beach/Fat Flush Plan.  This is what works for me and has helped me maintain (somewhat…I have been lazy this month) my weight.  Everyone says that eating my way is so expensive…I have never spent 131.00 per week on food for my meals.  I can assure you I have more than 21 meals for the week if I was spending that much money.  I don’t know…to me it makes more sense to cook your own meals because the lifestyle change will stick.
They are advertising that the plans are low glycemic…hmm…it is still cheaper to get a good quality protein and fresh veggies.  That is just me though…it is still better than what it offered by the other plans…anything that has been dehydrated for packaging still tastes dehydrated.  Just wet…
I just hope people understand that if they use this plan…the weight will come off but they still haven’t learned how to prepare the food that will keep them there…

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