…yesterday I went to the store and purchased two medicine balls.  A 8 pound one and a 10 pound one.  Melt it Off with Mitch uses a medicine ball in his workouts.  I have a great collection of workouts from Billy so I decided to NOT get another DVD from another person.  It would feel like I was cheating on Bill.  I was gonna do another workout last night but I got pissed off by the Husband.  Pretty much was told to “Know my place.” Instant fire in my head.  Powerfully pissed off.  Yeah…if I could have blown up his head I would have but I was in the Commissary.  🙂 
I work with people all day.  Unfortunately, my phone is always on and at some point it is always ringing.  I ran into a 1SG that I have been trying to get in touch with for almost a week and he was pretty much blowing me off and avoiding me.  I have been called into work at 11 at night some times so talking to a 1SG at 630 in the evening didn’t seem to be a problem.  Apparently it was a problem.  My husband freaked out saying that there was protocol…a time and a place…I shouldn’t have gone up to him and talked to him about “the barracks“.  He was saying that now this particular 1SG would probably be in his face to tell him to “control me“.  Um…so it is okay to have 1SGs, soldiers, staff duty, and whomever else has access to my cell phone to call me all day and night and demand that I help them??  I can’t talk to this 1SG??  You know…the Sun does not rise and fall on this 1SG’s ass.  And since WHEN did my husband start worrying about appearances??  He hasn’t worried about them in the past.  Trust me on that one…some of the shit he has pulled , Lord, me talking to a 1SG pales by comparison.  Anyway…I was and still am pissed.  Things have changed since Germany and since he left for Iraq.  I hope he can deal with it…because I am not back tracking back to my old habits.  I was pissed off last night I literally fell asleep.  It was much needed sleep…
So right now…blah.  I am sure my mood will improve as the work day continues.  I had to pick out the color scheme and fabric for some drapes that we are having installed in the rooms (I chose a fabric called Pecan.  Had to be bland with no bold patterns) I am also the guard dog for my parking lot behind the building.  I am having it re-striped and it is difficult keeping the soldiers out of there.
I will be doing Rockin’ Abs with my new medicine ball tonight….



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