I needed a break.  I didn’t think I would take such a long one.  I guess my mental exhaustion was worse than I thought.  15 months of being on my own…taking care of the kids…focusing on low carb and losing weight…being online ALL THE TIME…well, I guess I just short circuited.  I got offline…stopped checking email, blogging, EVERYTHING!  I am not looking forward to going through the emails, SPAM, comments, etc.  because I KNOW that is a mess.  Gmail alone has over 900 new messages. Yeah, i didn’t realize that I was that popular.
Anyhoo…everything didn’t all go to shit while I was away.  I did get away from working out with Billy…BUT…I am still maintaining my weight and my clothing size.  I am still trying to figure out my CCL (critical carb limit) but other than being a little less tight and a little more fluffy I have maintained my size.  I just need to get back into exercise along with the diet.  
I found out what happens (well to me anyway) when you go from low carb dieting with no alcohol to eating carbs and drinking literally everyday.  My face erupted with the worst acne that I have ever experienced.  Once I went back to my regular way of eating …it is finally clearing up.  I was upset because I had great skin as a teen and now I am 38 with acne from Hell.  Just made no sense to me.
My vacation from work went well.  It felt good to have an entire two weeks off to veg the heck out.  My husband (believe it or not…minimal arguments…seems the reconciliation is working) took over with the things that required decision and reasoning.  I mean it when I say my brain was mush and I short circuited.  I just literally shut down and just needed to refuel.  I am working things out with the husband and things are actually really good.  It is amazing what a little self confidence does for a Girl.  🙂  I am no longer afraid to tell that man what I am actually thinking.  The kids are telling me that I need a filter installed on my mouth.  I guess the husband and myself needed a brutally honest relationship.  I don’t know…I just know that things are different and I feel like I matter in this relationship.  I don’t feel like an annoyance…for the FIRST time since 2004 I am happily married. Not just existing…
So much has happened in the month that crawled into my hole I really can’t focus on one thing.  SO…I will restart with this interesting quiz.  I am stunned that there are 4 people with my exact name in this country.  I was even more stunned to find out that there are only 2 people with my exact maiden name.  Those of you who know my last name …well it is different.  I missed everyone…and I am recharged and raring to go.  Since I know that I will not blow up like a raft if I eat a carb or two (found that out during my time out) …I am ready to go to maintenance levels with the carbs and back to working out with my man Billy.
Good to be back…time to weed through the emails and SPAM.  Honestly…just resend or rewrite any comment or email that was sent to me.  I don’t think I have that much patience to go through each one….
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