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More Info on New Taebo

I have been reading on the Billy Blanks site and trying to get an idea what the new workouts will be like.  It is driving me because they were asking people to sign up for the new infomercial and for the taping of the new DVDs.  If I wouldn’t have taken my time submitting my info I would be in the know.  Grr!  I know they keep saying “WHACK”…now they are also saying “TRANSFORMATION”.  Someone called the new system T3-2K8.  When I see that I immediately think Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator.  I am sure there isn’t going to be a futuristic cyborg chasing me around my living room trying to kill me.  Still…all I know is Billy looks amazing.  He is all buffed and ripped up.  The man is in his 50’s…so I am sure it will make me look wonderful.

This is a picture that I snagged from Billy’s Blog.
There are more pictures available…but I just wanted to show how ripped he looked.  I believe I will be getting this workout as soon as it comes out.  I didn’t see any type of gadget.  Is it possible they have gone back to the Taebo of Old??  That would be interesting…
I am also seeing talk about doing a 40 day challenge.  The new thing is Billy saying that it takes at least 40 days to see any physical results from exercise.  I may just test that theory out again.  I know it works because of the experiment I did last year.  I wonder what I would look like if I did the same experiment now?  Hmm…the only thing that is stopping me is I don’t want this to become like Super Skinny Me. Two British reporters go on a diet to get to a size 0 (the size most fashion models are…think America’s Next Top Model Jasleen).  I will look into a plan…but I do plan on doing some for of exercise daily.  I hated the way I felt these past two months…
I am about to get off work…I have exercise to do and dinner to figure out.  I will be back later…

Rockin' My Abs…

…and so is the Husband.  Yesterday evening he joined me to do the workout.  This ab workout is one of the best ones I have done with Billy.  I would suggest that you buy the extra workouts that are available for the Amped system.  I swear I like these workouts better than the ones that came with the bar.  🙂
Apparently I am in a little better shape than I thought…my abs anyway.  I was still feeling the workout from Sunday when I did the Ab workout again last night.  Whew!  Like my Brother…my Husband keeps me in stitches and makes the workout interesting.  He talks to the television just like I do.  Since we have this giant screen TV it is like we have life-sized Billy and crew in the house. I wish I could record us…we are having arguments with the television.  I think we are great motivators as well…he wanted to quit at one point and I told him that quitting 5 minutes before the end is like getting off a plane before it lands.  I think I will be able to have my Husband join me in a couple of Taebo workouts because this series isn’t a lot of punching and kicking.  This Taebo focuses on sculpting…something that I need right now since I am older.  My joints aren’t what they used to be.  Ten years ago I didn’t have sound effects whenever I stood up.  I sound like rice crispies these days.  I am taking Glucosamine and MSM…it seems to be working.
Something else that I have noticed since starting back with Billy…I AM NOT BLOATED!!  Woohoo!  Yahoo!!  It was getting really depressing in the mornings dealing with the bloat and trying to not have the muffin top over the jeans.  I am bouncing back (thank goodness for muscle memory) really fast.  I am proof that it is possible to take almost two months off and still be able to get back into the swing of things.  I know that I am not up to my full potential yet…but the results after three workouts are impressive.  My craving for carbs is almost non existent.  I am serious.  Working out while doing low carb really helps with the cravings.  Solidifying my stance on exercise being the key magic (not just some chicken) in helping to reach your goal.
Tonight we will be doing Sculpt Express or Taebo Elite Spot Training Upper Body.  Both of these workouts focus on sculpting and weights.  There is very little if any kicking.  The Sculpt Express uses the bar (or 3 pound weights) and the Elite uses dumbbells.  I shall see…my husband is calling me The Marquis (as in Marquis de Sade).  I told him…I will train him and work him.  I did the same with my brother (I will try to see if I could get the two men in the same room to workout with me) and he saw results.  My hero is Jillian Michaels…I so want to be like her when I grow up!

New Taebo!!

I can barely keep still.  I just found out from the Taebo Message board there will be new Taebo.  This time with a “WHACK“.  Whatever the heck that means… 🙂
ANYHOO…I cannot wait to see if it is incorporating the Amped workouts.  After the day I have been having it is nice to hear about something new.
The Husband and I will be doing the Rockin’ Abs workout and I think I will follow it up with the Rockin’ Buns workout while he does the Perfect Pushup thingy.  I feel better knowing that he is taking me seriously.  Taebo has been a part of my life for almost 10 years now…and he is the one who first introduced it to me.  He saw the very first infomercial…saw that I was interested and then ordered the system for me.  I think I figured out why he has always not wanted to do the workouts with me…the Man has absolutely no coordination with the kicks and the movements.  My brother didn’t in the beginning…and I could care less.  Like I explained to him if I sat there and worried about him being offbeat then I would injure myself doing my workout.
I wonder what he will say about the newest Taebo I want to get?  As I find out more details I will spill. 
What in the heck does WHACK mean??

Dear Lord…

MAGIC CHICKEN DIET?? (Not linking that foolishness)
(shaking head slowly)
I’ve seen the plan.  Do yourself a favor and get ANY low carb book out there and then find yourself a free forum if you want to chat and make friends. 
The lengths that people will go through to make a buck.  I have successfully lost weight…It has never crossed my mind to come up with any kind of Frankenstein Low Carb Plan and then sell it to people.  If you are truly there to help folks then the advice should be free.
I tell anyone who wants to willingly (or unwillingly…I have held arms to prevent escape) know how I did it…how long it took…and I am also honest about setbacks I have had and how…yes…HARD it can be to maintain your weight.  It is a lifestyle change.  There is no quick fix that is healthy.  You have to move your body…exercise plays a big part in success.  The only Magical Chicken I want is the one that will lay solid gold eggs at my command.
What is next??  The Enchanted Egg and Turkey Diet??

I am beyond sad right now.  Yesterday a soldier (young enough to be my son) was discovered in his room dead.  He had taken his life.  It makes me so sad.  I had just spoken to this child on Friday…I had gone to his room to help him with a couple of work orders.  My last words to him was “Good Job…your room is so clean!”  He was a child to me.  Most of the kids in here are like my children.  It is like I have 98 Jay and Lo in a building.  The average age in here is 20.

This is affecting me more than I can imagine.  I hope whatever pain he was feeling in this life is now gone in the afterlife.  I just want to scream out that there is nothing that terrible in this world to make you want to stop your life.  Life is a series of moments…there are bad ones as well as good ones. 

I just saw this child

I need to get a new job.


I have always liked eDiets.  But I just noticed that they have joined the bandwagon of offering food to the dieters.  Basically you can order a full week of food each week (that is fresh and chilled unlike Nutrisystem’s food) for the duration of your weight loss.  That would equal about $526.00 per month. $6316.00 per year.
I like convenience…but the point of going on a plan is to get healthy and to learn HOW to prepare the foods and understanding nutrition.  What happens after you have made goal??  Move on to the 5 day a week plan @99.00 a week? 
I am on a Hybrid of Atkins/South Beach/Fat Flush Plan.  This is what works for me and has helped me maintain (somewhat…I have been lazy this month) my weight.  Everyone says that eating my way is so expensive…I have never spent 131.00 per week on food for my meals.  I can assure you I have more than 21 meals for the week if I was spending that much money.  I don’t know…to me it makes more sense to cook your own meals because the lifestyle change will stick.
They are advertising that the plans are low glycemic…hmm…it is still cheaper to get a good quality protein and fresh veggies.  That is just me though…it is still better than what it offered by the other plans…anything that has been dehydrated for packaging still tastes dehydrated.  Just wet…
I just hope people understand that if they use this plan…the weight will come off but they still haven’t learned how to prepare the food that will keep them there…


Yesterday the Husband (not mad at him anymore…was vindicated) did an Amped Workout with me.  Rockin’ Abs.  Wow.  He started off by picking up the Amped Bar and doing Kung Fu Theatre moves.  When he saw that I wasn’t hopping around kicking and punching he joined in.  He sweat like he was being chased (too funny).  I guess Taebo is no longer a joke to him.  I think I may have a new workout buddy after all. 
Yesterday I did Rockin’ Abs and I also threw in Sculpt Express for good measure.  Stuff is sore today but it is a sore that I was missing.  I am definitely not feeling down today and I have energy this morning.  I am not sure which Billy I will do this evening…but any exercise is better than no exercise to me.  The focus will be on my abs.  I do not like the look of “muffin top” when I am wearing jeans.  I cannot afford to buy new clothes now so it is Billy, ab and bun workouts, with some sculpting for the next month. 
I even had him eating low carb yesterday.  Wonderful!


…yesterday I went to the store and purchased two medicine balls.  A 8 pound one and a 10 pound one.  Melt it Off with Mitch uses a medicine ball in his workouts.  I have a great collection of workouts from Billy so I decided to NOT get another DVD from another person.  It would feel like I was cheating on Bill.  I was gonna do another workout last night but I got pissed off by the Husband.  Pretty much was told to “Know my place.” Instant fire in my head.  Powerfully pissed off.  Yeah…if I could have blown up his head I would have but I was in the Commissary.  🙂 
I work with people all day.  Unfortunately, my phone is always on and at some point it is always ringing.  I ran into a 1SG that I have been trying to get in touch with for almost a week and he was pretty much blowing me off and avoiding me.  I have been called into work at 11 at night some times so talking to a 1SG at 630 in the evening didn’t seem to be a problem.  Apparently it was a problem.  My husband freaked out saying that there was protocol…a time and a place…I shouldn’t have gone up to him and talked to him about “the barracks“.  He was saying that now this particular 1SG would probably be in his face to tell him to “control me“.  Um…so it is okay to have 1SGs, soldiers, staff duty, and whomever else has access to my cell phone to call me all day and night and demand that I help them??  I can’t talk to this 1SG??  You know…the Sun does not rise and fall on this 1SG’s ass.  And since WHEN did my husband start worrying about appearances??  He hasn’t worried about them in the past.  Trust me on that one…some of the shit he has pulled , Lord, me talking to a 1SG pales by comparison.  Anyway…I was and still am pissed.  Things have changed since Germany and since he left for Iraq.  I hope he can deal with it…because I am not back tracking back to my old habits.  I was pissed off last night I literally fell asleep.  It was much needed sleep…
So right now…blah.  I am sure my mood will improve as the work day continues.  I had to pick out the color scheme and fabric for some drapes that we are having installed in the rooms (I chose a fabric called Pecan.  Had to be bland with no bold patterns) I am also the guard dog for my parking lot behind the building.  I am having it re-striped and it is difficult keeping the soldiers out of there.
I will be doing Rockin’ Abs with my new medicine ball tonight….

Morning Workouts…

…I would rather do an evening one for sure.  I need to get the Spouse to understand what works for him doesn’t work for me.  In all honesty I haven’t been able to get in my evening workouts that much since he has been home.  I had a schedule…eat clean, no alcohol, do my evening workouts for at least 45 minutes to an hour.  I would do a form of Taebo either cardio based, sculpting, or a combo.  It is what works for me.
I have been feeling down lately since I haven’t been getting in my workout like I want, I have been eating too many carbs, and drinking too much alcohol.  It DOES make a huge difference to a body when the diet and exercise regime is changed so suddenly. So rapidly.
That is it.  I don’t care if YOU  feel YOU need carbs.  That YOU need to eat a certain way.  YOU don’t like Taebo.  ROBIN likes it.  Low carb WORKS for ROBIN.  I am spiralling back into being lethargic and cranky.  I am bloated.  I am still in the clothes that I bought, but I don’t feel the same I did before the end of the deployment.  Other folks can do what the hell they want.  EAT EVERY CARB you can lay your hands on…drink every beer…go do your thing.  I no longer have the patience to wait or to figure out what to do to adjust to another person.  I am hoping that being selfish and doing ME other people around me will realize that what I am doing works and it isn’t a fad.
I had to rant this out.  I haven’t been writing because I have been a lazy bum…I have been depressed…and really what could I say?  Time to DO ME again.  I woke up this morning feeling every part of being 38.  Aches everywhere, exhausted, and freaking depressed.  My husband suggested that I get out of bed and get in a quick 30 minute workout.  Fuck me!  30 minutes will not help me right now.  I did get in a workout…but I KNOW what to do.  Please do not suggest to me what I should do…especially if you do things completely opposite from me.  Seriously.
I am looking at adding the Melt it Off program to my little arsenal of fitness DVDs.  It looks interesting enough and like cookbooks my new thing is to collect workouts. 
My workout today was Turbo Charged Fat Burner
This evening will be an ab workout.  I will have the Girl make dinner tonight.  I am sure she will help out especially if she wants to eat.
My rant/dump is over…will be back later.  I need to research the Melt it Off Program… 

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