Day Two

Yep…I am on Day two and kicking butt (also cannot seem to get enough water…so thirsty!).  I didn’t do two workouts like I wanted to yesterday.  I was only doing 1 workout a day anyway so the extra was a bonus one.  I was tired last night and I had to hit the stores looking for a Christmas Gift for my daughter and son.  Instead I lost weight and broke a sweat via spending money for Christmas.  Teenagers…they are simple creatures.  They are getting a nice present each….and that is it.  The rest is money or gift cards so they can get the clothes that they feel they need. 
I am on Atkins and my husband is on Semi-Atkins.  He is pretty much eating what I am eating and he has lost two pounds since yesterday.  Doing Sculpt Express tonight after work.  I really do not want to spend any money today, yesterday was enough for me and my husband.  I am restocking the house with low carb foods and I thought my husband was gonna pass out when he saw the bill.  It is expensive when you first stock up and I had to explain that to him.  I didn’t realize how much food I DIDN’T have in the house.  Those potato chips take up lots of room.  I am trying to figure out Christmas dinner and it has to be Atkins Friendly.  I will probably focus more on the protein and make that the main part of the dinner.  I do know how to make a low carb File Gumbo (You seriously cannot tell the difference) along with other New Orleans favorites so dinner really shouldn’t be a problem.  I just need to sit down and plan the meal.  I am having  CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) moments due to the abundance of carbs that were in my system.  I can’t wait for the foggy feeling to go away and have the ability to focus again. 
Slowly but surely I am starting to feel normal again…


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