Ahem…I have gained 9 whole pounds since my husband’s return from Iraq almost a month ago.  Time to stop playing around.  He still outweighs me by almost 30 pounds…BUT…a 9 pound gain??  I am HAPPY that he is home and it is wonderful that I have the company again.  Fat and happy is something that I am not striving for…at all.  This morning my husband left for PT and I conducted my own PT this morning.  Did Billy’s Core Express.  It may have been an express workout but I definitely felt it and will probably feel it later tonight.  My plan is to do a morning workout and an evening workout from now until the New Year.  Tonight will be Rockin’ Abs.  My eating will be cleaned up (I have been a little loose on counting carbs…I believe it is called Crab Creep) and exercise will be stepped up.  I am looking at this past month as a much needed break to get my body to heal.  I was waking up with my back and hip hurting me (telling me I could have been overdoing the routines) so much I couldn’t walk at times.  This morning’s exercise felt good and I have so much energy right now.  My body is rested and healed!  It is also fluffy…need to tighten that up. 
Time for some serious on my face.  I am not waiting for the New Year…I’m too impatient and if I gained 9 pounds in a little less than a month…just imagine how much I will be up if I wait??  Starting the New Year up almost 20 pounds is not my idea of fun…not after all the hard work I have done.   My husband will probably join me with the Ab work…I am also looking into going back to the Gym.  Those 9 pounds will be gone in no time…if I get serious now and not let it slowly creep back on.  It is amazing how easy it is to gain weight…losing was pretty easy…it is the maintaining that is kicking my ass. 



  1. Lady Rose says:

    Three cheers for not waiting till Jan. 1 – as they say in the Harry Potter books “Constant Vigilance!” 🙂
    I’ve lost over 90 so far and mere 50ish more to go – once I reach my goal my plan is to still watch the scale close so it doesn’t creep back up.

  2. Lady Rose says:

    P.S. could you update the url in your blogroll for the Diet Pulpit – I’ve moved the blog to it’s own domain (please and thank you!).

  3. Robin says:

    Lady Rose…keep up the good work. It is so easy to let the weight slowly creep back on. That is what happened to me before,,,this time I am more aware of what is happening to me. I really cannot afford to gain any weight. I literally do not have any of my old clothes left.
    I updated your URL on the blogroll. Thanks for commenting…

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