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Still playing around.  I haven’t worked out in a while.  I know…it is the Holidays…I should be relaxing.  My clothes and ass do not realize that I am supposed to be relaxing…and I don’t need to be relaxing myself right out of my jeans.  🙂  I started my leave today…so I will be updating more.  I already have a plan…I just have to get it together.  Christmas is KILLING me. 

Day Two

Yep…I am on Day two and kicking butt (also cannot seem to get enough water…so thirsty!).  I didn’t do two workouts like I wanted to yesterday.  I was only doing 1 workout a day anyway so the extra was a bonus one.  I was tired last night and I had to hit the stores looking for a Christmas Gift for my daughter and son.  Instead I lost weight and broke a sweat via spending money for Christmas.  Teenagers…they are simple creatures.  They are getting a nice present each….and that is it.  The rest is money or gift cards so they can get the clothes that they feel they need. 
I am on Atkins and my husband is on Semi-Atkins.  He is pretty much eating what I am eating and he has lost two pounds since yesterday.  Doing Sculpt Express tonight after work.  I really do not want to spend any money today, yesterday was enough for me and my husband.  I am restocking the house with low carb foods and I thought my husband was gonna pass out when he saw the bill.  It is expensive when you first stock up and I had to explain that to him.  I didn’t realize how much food I DIDN’T have in the house.  Those potato chips take up lots of room.  I am trying to figure out Christmas dinner and it has to be Atkins Friendly.  I will probably focus more on the protein and make that the main part of the dinner.  I do know how to make a low carb File Gumbo (You seriously cannot tell the difference) along with other New Orleans favorites so dinner really shouldn’t be a problem.  I just need to sit down and plan the meal.  I am having  CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) moments due to the abundance of carbs that were in my system.  I can’t wait for the foggy feeling to go away and have the ability to focus again. 
Slowly but surely I am starting to feel normal again…

Oh Dear…

…I work in the barracks.  I deal with soldiers on a daily basis.  In my line of work there are times when my “customers” tend to get attached or fixated on me.  I normally handle these situations professionally and explain to the soldiers that I am here to help them but under no circumstances am I a “friend”.  It has to be that way because I am a female and the Army has rules that have to be followed when dealing with the opposite sex.  There is one soldier that is a bit off-kilter and has fixated on me.  Bottom line…he scares the Hell outta me.  The latest was he asked me to open up his room…being that it is my job that is what I did.  As I was leaving he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek.  RED FLAG! DANGER! LINE CROSSED!Seriously freaked me out…I was so stunned I just vacated the room as quickly as I could and went home.  I let my co-workers know what happened…and they agreed that he had crossed the line big time.  Ever since then he was hanging around the office…like a puppy.  I have always tried to make it so I am never alone with him…and it worked out fine until I noticed that he would talk to me about inappropriate things…like being accused of wanting to rape a girl.

Yeah…I know.  Total freak case.  My co-worker (a male) decided that it was time for him to have a talking to.  Apparently this upset the soldier…but I am glad that a male talked to him.  He pretty much was told that my husband outranks him by a mile and if I got my husband involved…he wouldn’t win the case.  I hope this stops all the foolishness that is happening…and I hope he doesn’t see fit to retaliate against me.   The troop knows that we will get the chain of command involved if he comes in here for anything other than business purposes.  This is the first time that I have ever felt that uncomfortable at work.  I hope this is the last….I don’t want to have to break my foot off in someones ass….seriously.


Ahem…I have gained 9 whole pounds since my husband’s return from Iraq almost a month ago.  Time to stop playing around.  He still outweighs me by almost 30 pounds…BUT…a 9 pound gain??  I am HAPPY that he is home and it is wonderful that I have the company again.  Fat and happy is something that I am not striving for…at all.  This morning my husband left for PT and I conducted my own PT this morning.  Did Billy’s Core Express.  It may have been an express workout but I definitely felt it and will probably feel it later tonight.  My plan is to do a morning workout and an evening workout from now until the New Year.  Tonight will be Rockin’ Abs.  My eating will be cleaned up (I have been a little loose on counting carbs…I believe it is called Crab Creep) and exercise will be stepped up.  I am looking at this past month as a much needed break to get my body to heal.  I was waking up with my back and hip hurting me (telling me I could have been overdoing the routines) so much I couldn’t walk at times.  This morning’s exercise felt good and I have so much energy right now.  My body is rested and healed!  It is also fluffy…need to tighten that up. 
Time for some serious on my face.  I am not waiting for the New Year…I’m too impatient and if I gained 9 pounds in a little less than a month…just imagine how much I will be up if I wait??  Starting the New Year up almost 20 pounds is not my idea of fun…not after all the hard work I have done.   My husband will probably join me with the Ab work…I am also looking into going back to the Gym.  Those 9 pounds will be gone in no time…if I get serious now and not let it slowly creep back on.  It is amazing how easy it is to gain weight…losing was pretty easy…it is the maintaining that is kicking my ass. 

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