The F-Word

The new F word that has been banned from my home…FAT.  I don’t wanna hear that said by anyone…especially me! 
“I’m FAT!” I hear that daily from my daughter.  Every morning she declares this and every morning I tell her that she is not.  I mean…the child wears a size 3/4…no one can be fat wearing that size.  Even taking into account vanity sizes…it drives me crazy.  So this morning…I found myself saying the same thing…”I look FAT!” Mind you…I am wearing a pair of jeans that are a size 4 while making that statement.  My logical part of my mind is telling me the same thing that I tell my daughter…How in the Holy Hell can you fix your mouth to say that you are FAT when last year at this time you were joyous that you finally fit into single digits?? That is TRULY mental chick!  It is mental…the fat goggles that I wear were extra strength this morning.  I’m bloated…not as toned as I was (It is amazing how quickly you lose form when you stop daily workouts) but not fat.  I really need to get back on track with Billy…if anything I will firm up again and the bloating will go away. 
My eating has been good…doing the high protein/moderate fat/very low carb (getting my carbs from veggies) thing to kick my body back into ketosis and get rid of the sugar that I have stored.  Potato chips, cordial cherries, cheesecake and pies tend to do that to a body.  I had a MASSIVE headache yesterday evening.  The pain travelled down to my jaw.  This is the price that I have to pay to get my body back into fat burning mode.  My mood has already improved from yesterday and I am starting to get energy again.  My husband and I will do Sculpt Express or Rockin Abs tonight.  IF he backs out then I will do it by myself.  My brother wants to start exercising again.  I miss the Wondertwins.
I have been drinking Louise Gittleman’s (The Fat Flush Lady) cranberry water to help with the bloating and flush out the toxins in my system.  I know that this water has carbs but it is helping with the bloaty feeling thus putting me in a better mood.  If you like cranberry juice like I do (when I was a teenager I had many UTI and bladder infections.  I started to drink massive amounts of cranberry juice to keep the infections at bay…it just stuck.  I love the taste…without the sugar) then this water is very refreshing.  Here is how you make it:

Cranberry Water Recipe
To make 2 quarts (64 ounces) add 8 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice to 56 ounces of filtered water (I use distilled water or bottled water) OR 3 tablespoons unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate to 60 ounces of filtered water.  Recommended brands of unsweetened cranberry juice: Lakewood 100% Organic, Mountain Sun, Trader Joe’s and Knudsen. Recommended brands of unsweetened concentrate are : Knudsen and Tree of Life. Look for juice that has NO sugar, corn syrup, or other juices added, including apple or grape.

If you cannot take it straight (really TART) then add some Splenda to taste.  Ms Gittleman recommends Stevia but I hate the way that stuff tastes and I haven’t had any issues with Splenda.  If you drink this instead of water for a couple of days it will help with bloating big time.
So…getting back on track has been kind of hard, the cravings were bad but I think I am slowly but surely getting there.  The F-word will never be spoken by me again when I look at myself.  I am not fat…just a little off track with my program.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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