Um…No More Playing Around…

Since my husband has been home I have been eating like a dog and barely exercising.  I am realizing that him being here is taking up more of my time.  Things like cooking a whole meal after work makes a difference.  Getting the television is also an issue…we just purchased a 42″ LCD television (BOY…what a nice HUGE screen) and everyone has basically been staring at it going …WOOOOOOOOWWWW!  I have not gotten bigger (I can still fit my clothes) but I have lost some tone.  It makes me look “loose” for lack of a better description.  I have really worked to hard to let myself go due to lack of exercise and a potato chip (Kettle Chips by Lay’s are sprinkled with CRACK) here and there.  Hell no!  I am human…but that only goes so far.  I want to be a fit and healthy human not a fat lazy human.  Been there…done that…not willing to go back.
STARTING RIGHT THIS MINUTE…I am back on track with eating and exercise.  I will have to be HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) this evening with the television…football, basketball, whatever ball be damned…I AM WORKING OUT TONIGHT! 🙂  I am so over feeling fat and bloated.  Gonna start a Billy 21-day challenge and since the husband is home and my soldiers have been housed there is really nothing that can distract me…except for the Crack Lay’s Kettle Chips and Christmas.  I think I will get the husband involved in this endeavor…I shall see.  Now where in the heck did I put those DVD rotations??

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