I’m still around.  Husband is back.  Redeployment of troops was done.  My parents had a great visit.  My house was attacked by a swarm of bees… :).  I have so much to catch up on…and I will.  I am just HUNGRY!  I just deleted 15 pages of SPAM…so that should tell you how long I have been slacking.  Sorry!  I did fall off the wagon with food…but it was nerves and I am human.  Eh…back on track anyway.
I will be back this evening….



  1. Cindy moore says:

    Good to hear from you!! Sorry you fell off the wagon, but glad to see you’re back on track!! (I had a bit of a stumble too). So happy to hear your hubby is back!! Hope he stays close to home for quite a while!!

  2. Robin says:

    I am doing great! It is good to know that I was missed and there was almost a rescue party out there for me. Life happened and work happened…I just got sidetracked. My husband coming home was enough to stop everything. I was a nervous wreck. It is good to be back…

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