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The F-Word

The new F word that has been banned from my home…FAT.  I don’t wanna hear that said by anyone…especially me! 
“I’m FAT!” I hear that daily from my daughter.  Every morning she declares this and every morning I tell her that she is not.  I mean…the child wears a size 3/4…no one can be fat wearing that size.  Even taking into account vanity sizes…it drives me crazy.  So this morning…I found myself saying the same thing…”I look FAT!” Mind you…I am wearing a pair of jeans that are a size 4 while making that statement.  My logical part of my mind is telling me the same thing that I tell my daughter…How in the Holy Hell can you fix your mouth to say that you are FAT when last year at this time you were joyous that you finally fit into single digits?? That is TRULY mental chick!  It is mental…the fat goggles that I wear were extra strength this morning.  I’m bloated…not as toned as I was (It is amazing how quickly you lose form when you stop daily workouts) but not fat.  I really need to get back on track with Billy…if anything I will firm up again and the bloating will go away. 
My eating has been good…doing the high protein/moderate fat/very low carb (getting my carbs from veggies) thing to kick my body back into ketosis and get rid of the sugar that I have stored.  Potato chips, cordial cherries, cheesecake and pies tend to do that to a body.  I had a MASSIVE headache yesterday evening.  The pain travelled down to my jaw.  This is the price that I have to pay to get my body back into fat burning mode.  My mood has already improved from yesterday and I am starting to get energy again.  My husband and I will do Sculpt Express or Rockin Abs tonight.  IF he backs out then I will do it by myself.  My brother wants to start exercising again.  I miss the Wondertwins.
I have been drinking Louise Gittleman’s (The Fat Flush Lady) cranberry water to help with the bloating and flush out the toxins in my system.  I know that this water has carbs but it is helping with the bloaty feeling thus putting me in a better mood.  If you like cranberry juice like I do (when I was a teenager I had many UTI and bladder infections.  I started to drink massive amounts of cranberry juice to keep the infections at bay…it just stuck.  I love the taste…without the sugar) then this water is very refreshing.  Here is how you make it:

Cranberry Water Recipe
To make 2 quarts (64 ounces) add 8 ounces of unsweetened cranberry juice to 56 ounces of filtered water (I use distilled water or bottled water) OR 3 tablespoons unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate to 60 ounces of filtered water.  Recommended brands of unsweetened cranberry juice: Lakewood 100% Organic, Mountain Sun, Trader Joe’s and Knudsen. Recommended brands of unsweetened concentrate are : Knudsen and Tree of Life. Look for juice that has NO sugar, corn syrup, or other juices added, including apple or grape.

If you cannot take it straight (really TART) then add some Splenda to taste.  Ms Gittleman recommends Stevia but I hate the way that stuff tastes and I haven’t had any issues with Splenda.  If you drink this instead of water for a couple of days it will help with bloating big time.
So…getting back on track has been kind of hard, the cravings were bad but I think I am slowly but surely getting there.  The F-word will never be spoken by me again when I look at myself.  I am not fat…just a little off track with my program.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Um…No More Playing Around…

Since my husband has been home I have been eating like a dog and barely exercising.  I am realizing that him being here is taking up more of my time.  Things like cooking a whole meal after work makes a difference.  Getting the television is also an issue…we just purchased a 42″ LCD television (BOY…what a nice HUGE screen) and everyone has basically been staring at it going …WOOOOOOOOWWWW!  I have not gotten bigger (I can still fit my clothes) but I have lost some tone.  It makes me look “loose” for lack of a better description.  I have really worked to hard to let myself go due to lack of exercise and a potato chip (Kettle Chips by Lay’s are sprinkled with CRACK) here and there.  Hell no!  I am human…but that only goes so far.  I want to be a fit and healthy human not a fat lazy human.  Been there…done that…not willing to go back.
STARTING RIGHT THIS MINUTE…I am back on track with eating and exercise.  I will have to be HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) this evening with the television…football, basketball, whatever ball be damned…I AM WORKING OUT TONIGHT! 🙂  I am so over feeling fat and bloated.  Gonna start a Billy 21-day challenge and since the husband is home and my soldiers have been housed there is really nothing that can distract me…except for the Crack Lay’s Kettle Chips and Christmas.  I think I will get the husband involved in this endeavor…I shall see.  Now where in the heck did I put those DVD rotations??

Back …for more than a minute this time…

I am back.  My husband being home is interesting.  I was expecting it to be strained (like the last deployment) but things are definitely different.  I am one of the lucky ones this time that had NO ISSUES (knocking on wood…I really don’t need any of the issues that come up with re-deployments) within the first 72 hours.  Thank God!  The last redeployment was terrible for me (that is why pizza and Almond M&M’s were on my list of acceptable foods last week)…my husband obviously wasn’t happy to see us and it didn’t stop for almost two years.  So…I was freaking out.  This time was great…the kids and I met up with him at the reunion…they ran up to him and hugged him to pieces.  I instantly felt the difference.  I guess the 15 months we were separated did make the difference.  He had to grow the Hell up and I had to calm the Hell down.  The extra 3 months gave me a chance to really decide what it is I wanted for me.  The kids were a no-brainer…they will always have him in their lives.   So it was me…could I forgive and move on.  I decided to use my great age and great wisdom and move on from there.  No medications.  No alcohol…just good eating and exercise to help me along.  A good choice for me this time.  I feel and look better than I have ever been.  My husband notices that I no longer walk around slumped at the shoulders AND I have no problem speaking my mind.  So I guess this deployment fixed a couple of wrong things with me as well as with him.
He is looking to get out of the place he working at now.  It means another school…12 weeks…and a desk job.  I have to say that it would be nice to have one of those soldiers that doesn’t go anywhere.  Five deployments is just a bit much for me and the kids.  So…if he gets the school then he will NOT be going away again in 12 months.  It is already planned for his unit to go back…so I am crossing my fingers and toes plus chanting to make sure this all goes through.
I am still converting people over to the Taebo/Low Carb way of life.  My husband has lost 8 pounds so far eating what I eat.  I am working on getting him to do a Taebo workout with me.  I ran into my husband’s CO and his wife last night.  The CO (he lacks a filter…seriously folks) tells me “WOW…you are so skinny since the last time I have seen you!  You look great…I wouldn’t have recognized you at all!  I mean you were SO MUCH BIGGER last time I saw you!”  Just blah, blah, blah while his wife is just GLARING at me.   I finally just said I did Taebo and Atkins.  He looks at his wife…and I look down.  The look on his face was…”See!  She had 15 months and she did something!” Jebus! That was uncomfortable…the woman didn’t say two words to me…but if she could have erased me from the Earth I am sure she would have.  I wanted to tell her I was her last year.  Angry…miserable…and wanting to kill any skinny bitch that I came across.  I understand…I really do.  I just cannot get used to being that “skinny bitch” I used to hate so much so the reactions are upsetting.  I am getting that response from a bunch of the wives.  I did keep to myself this deployment with work, the kids, and my program.  But why the hostility??  I just want to wear a sign that says I DID THIS FOR ME…not to take your man.  🙂   I am definitely giving credit to Billy and Dr. Atkins anytime I can…I want to see everyone succeed and feel like I do.  Taebo empowers you…and Atkins keeps you full.  How wonderful of a feeling is that??  My Daddy and my Momma are doing Taebo…woohoo!  Hopefully if (and that is a BIG IF) we go to New Orleans to see my husband’s family I can convert my sister in laws.
I have been playing a little hooky from work (I have sick leave and I am using some of it) so I am back on track with the exercise and eating.  There is a possible Holiday Ball coming up and the possible trip to see the In-Laws so I want to look my best.  I always do well when I have a goal in mind.  I tend to get really good with my eating when I know I want to look my best for a function.  I actually have a dress in mind…so it will be dates with Billy until then.
I am going to steal some pictures from Kellie and Lou from our trip to Phoenix.  My camera wasn’t acting right so I don’t have any…bummer!
I have a date to keep with Billy so I will be back after that….I think I will follow the schedule he has on his website. I also have to grab my brother and get him moving with me again.  Just because my husband is home doesn’t mean Team Wondertwin is gone…we will just be bigger.  Kellie is already part of the team…it makes sense to add Jorge.  It will be a husband and wife thing…
I missed everyone…it is good to be back!


I’m still around.  Husband is back.  Redeployment of troops was done.  My parents had a great visit.  My house was attacked by a swarm of bees… :).  I have so much to catch up on…and I will.  I am just HUNGRY!  I just deleted 15 pages of SPAM…so that should tell you how long I have been slacking.  Sorry!  I did fall off the wagon with food…but it was nerves and I am human.  Eh…back on track anyway.
I will be back this evening….

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