They're HERE!!

Momma and Daddy are here for a visit.  I have been on the road literally all day.  They flew into Phoenix instead of Tucson (there is a major difference in the fare prices).  My Momma and Daddy thought it was about an hour and a half drive for me and my brother to pick them up.  Um…NOT!  Unless I was driving a race car at 150 MPH…the drive time is about three hours one way from where we live.  It was no problem for me…I would drive anywhere to pick them up.  It was fun driving there with my brother.  We both got cheesy key rings with “Rob” (amazing there are no rings with the name Robin) and “Lou” (no Louis ones either) and it was a pretty good trip there.  I didn’t realize how BIG Phoenix airport was until I got there.  Amazingly we didn’t get lost one time.  My navigational skills are improving.
I am driving around in a rental car since my car has a defective rear door.  The back door cannot be opened from the either the indie or the outside.  They must be having a hard time fixing the door because I dropped off the car on Saturday and they still have the vehicle.  I haven’t heard a word from those people at all.  The rental is a 2008 Saturn Vue…I love the car, but I really want MY car back.  I hope they don’t think I have fallen in love with this model and want to do a trade in…because I don’t want to do that.  I am so over the newness of the 2008 version.  I am like that with cars…I am like OH WOW for a few days and after that I am over it all.  I am wondering what they will do if they cannot fix the car…I definitely cannot drive a vehicle with a defective passenger door.  Something has to be done…I will give them until Friday then I will call them.  I will update the results (or lack of results) then.  I am of this mindset…I will just drive around in this rental until they do something.  It is a major safety issue for me and I will not accept the car back unfixed.
I was thinking about calling out sick tomorrow…but I know I NEED to go to work.  It is so close to the troops coming back and I have a ton of things to do before then.  I was offended by a comment that was made by someone who I was working with…he pretty much talked about me behind my back.  I thought he was happy with what I was doing and then he turned around and told the other woman that I work with that he had no idea WHY I was emailing him and calling him (I wanted to call him and tell him that he requested that I call him..what a jackass!  I didn’t…I was mad but I will remain professional no matter how much it bothers me!).  He referred to me as “THAT WOMAN”.  Well…this guy also made the same comment about my co-worker (I didn’t tell my co-worker what he said about her so I am puzzled as to why she told me this…anyone would be offended by such a thing…I was literally thrown into this)…so who does he want to work with??  I just have to realize that these types of things happen…people will do or say whatever they need to get what they want.  All the work that I did…well she is getting credit for it all.  It stings…but I am grown and this is the first time that I have dealt with this type of assignment so she can take it.  I will get paid regardless.  You just wouldn’t think people are that two faced these days.  Sigh… I guess this is what working for the Army is all about.
My house is rearranged and actually decorated.  It looks so much better now…and it is comfortable.  The only thing I have left to do is to clean my room.  I let the teens know that I want the house to STAY this way…I am not sitting here with a clenched jaw because everything is in order.  I hope to have everything in order by Friday (they changed my day off at work and now I have this Friday off instead of next Friday…THAT is a whole other story) so I can show Mom and Dad the house.  After that I would like to take them to the Desert Diamond Casino.  I haven’t been gambling since I left New Orleans so it should be fun.  If we don’t make the casino…I guess me and Lou will do a workout instead.  I haven’t done any formal exercise all week…but moving everything around was a workout in itself.  I am not bummed at all.  I will get back in the swing of things by this weekend…guaranteed.  I haven’t worked this hard to get to where I am to get lazy NOW.   Too much time and sweat was invested in all of this and I plan on staying this way.  Lou lost about 15 pounds just by working out.  Since Mom and Dad are here (Momma is borderline diabetic and my Daddy has Type 2 diabetes) I will be on track with the diet for the entire time.  Momma wants to know how I eat…and that is motivation enough to stay away from all the bad foods.
Be on the lookout for lots of pictures…I will be taking a ton of them.  I am beat so I am off to take a shower and prepare for tomorrow…



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