The Next Iron Chef…

…I so love this show!!  I always wonder if I would have pressed the issue in the Summer of 1987 and took the Culinary Arts program instead of going Pre-Med (yep…Pre-Med and I can’t stand the sight of blood and I suck at most of the subjects that end with “Y”) would I have my own restaurant??  Would I have the skills to be in competition??  The Chefs that are featured are around my age 35 and up.  Hell…Gordon Ramsey (I have a love/hate thing for him) is my age…38.  I always wonder if I would have chosen the right words…instead of telling my parents “I wanna be a COOK!” Maybe I should have said “I wanna be a CHEF and own my own restaurant!” would that have made a difference??  At that time wanting to be a cook wasn’t the same as cheffing.  Oh well…I am a Foodie.  Cooking gives me joy.  It is an outlet for me.  I am what is called a “eyeball” cook.  I don’t follow recipes to the letter.  Everything I prepare is in my head.  If anyone asked me HOW to make something or ask for a recipe I wouldn’t be able to tell them.  I can’t pinpoint measurements…I just know when it is right.  That is the best way to cook for me.  I am slowly but surely limping along to getting that degree.  I will never say I am TOO old to do anything.  I don’t care if I am 90…I will have that diploma behind me.  I wanna be buried with my knife roll…
I want John Besh to win.  He is a New Orleans Chef and I swear he looks familiar to me.  His techniques and the way he puts the flavors together reminds me of my cooking.  I can tell he puts his soul in the food…that is what makes a difference in every plate.
Gonna go and watch the show and pretend I am competing.



  1. Sondra says:

    Lol! I DO cook for a living and I really think I was supposed to be a doctor. I have always dreamed of going to medical school but now at 38? I know it is possible- but?!?
    I love Iron Chef too, but I am more hooked on Top Chef and Hells Kitchen. I would love to work with Gordon Ramsey just once. I think I could handle him!

  2. Robin says:

    I am addicted tp Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen as well. I even sent in information to get on Hell’s Kitchen until I realized that they would probably have to bleep out every other word out of my mouth. Gordon Ramsey is wonderful but my knife skill would kill me…I am way out of practice. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it…I am 38 and in a better place now in my life. I think I could probably handle the stress of doing what is needed to get the degree that I so desperately want. I was “this close” to getting my degree a while back but the Army sent us to Germany. I am hoping to finally find the time to get back in school. In the meantime I will practice on the family…they aren’t complaining at all.
    It is amazing though…I wish I was where you are…working with food and making them happy with the different flavors that are roaming around in my head. Since I have been low carbing I have been very creative with my cooking. I have been successful with everything that I have created…except for a crustless quiche that I just couldn’t eat. My sister in law (who loves my cooking) even agreed that it was garbage… 🙂

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