So much has happened this week.  My daughter went to a dance.  The difference is she was ASKED by someone.  After talking to the young man’s mother for over an hour I decided that she could go.  She looked very pretty and I thought they looked so cute.  I have been sticking to my workouts and to my diet…it has just been so busy this week.  We are going to a fair tonight so I will have even more pictures to post. I am camera happy these days…I told my daughter that if she wants a boyfriend then she will have to endure me taking pictures of her or she will have to break up with him.  Hee hee!
On their way to the football game.  The kid is a football player at another high school.
Too goofy…she is happy though.  He boughther a real flower wrist corsage.
Here is her date…his name is Chad. Everytime she says his name I think of the Alltel commercial…“Listen up, Chad!”.  I know I am silly… 🙂
They are holding hands….I’m really feeling ancient these days.
She had a great time…I was happy that his parents were around.  It made me comfortable letting her go on a date.  I sent these pictures to her Dad.  Just wanted to make sure he didn’t miss any of this.  His Mom and I were both tearing up…funny all kinds of things make me want to cry these days.  🙂
I have to get ready to go to the fair… I will be back with more picture of the adventures of my family…



  1. Robin says:

    I think so too…I was crying while I took the picture in front of the house…then started crying while I downloaded these pictures. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital. Sigh…

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