No Mas!! :(

That is it…I have officially gotten my $39.95 worth! After the latest information that has come out about the creator of Kimkins (also said information making me sick to my stomach) … I cannot continue to visit there.  Most of those folks seem like nice people.  I could never bring myself to post because of the heavy handed editing and banning of people who had an opinion other than “Yea Kimmer!” or “You saved my life!” .   She is a liar and a fraud.  No regards for the health of the people there…just the money they can bring in. 

“Claw is our master.” “Claw chooses who will go, and who will stay.”

I do not understand it.  I will never understand this…blindly following a person that is obviously a liar and a fraud.  Slamming anyone who tries to warn you of what is to come if you continue to follow the path that you are on.  Ignoring people that have been told by DOCTORS that the plan is dangerous…but will listen to someone who has no medical knowledge.  Someone who hides behind fake pictures and harsh words if you cannot “follow the plan”.  Hell…SHE couldn’t follow the plan…recent pictures show that she is morbidly obese.  Why would anyone follow that advice??  Everything she states can be found in various low carb books.  Everything is copied and pasted…nothing is her own.  Would you send your child to a KNOWN pedophile for babysitting just because they SAY it isn’t true?  If you don’t eat…you will lose weight.  Period.  Is that kind of advice worth spending your money on??
Sigh…I can’t do this anymore.  Just know…Nirvana is NOT coming.  The mystic portal is NOT there…the only thing that awaits is weight gain and health problems.   I just hope this all stops before someone actually dies. 
The Duckies were funny…but this is serious.  I just wish there was a way to get people to look past getting skinny and understand that there is more to living than a size 4.  Losing weight is not worth losing your life….



  1. Cindy Moore says:

    I’m on a forum with several KK members. They are angry and confused, and so many are actually afraid to increase their calories!!
    This woman preyed on a vulnerable group of people and did a lot of damage!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Cindy!! I am already posting on some of those boards.
    It is a shame that these people went there looking for hope and to make friends. It is now run like a police state. I cannot see someone wanting to be in a place where they are afraid to voice their opinion. Any diet will work if not taken to extremes…and on this one it is encouraged to become extreme.
    So sad…

  3. 2big4mysize says:

    thank you for posting about and Kimmer.
    hopefully new overweight folk searching for a weightloss plan will find your site and learn the truth before they become a page on the kimkins survivors blog.

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