Day Three…

…kicked some butt with Billy tonight.  I got lots accomplished at work and I was stoked because I was able to workout with my brother as well.  He really motivates me to continue on even when I want to quit.
Did Taebo Elite Upper Body and Taebo Amped Rockin Abs.  My brother and I had a great time…even had a moment when we both were giggling our butts off.  I have discovered that being silly isn’t just something that I do…my brother is just as silly.  I got weak a couple of times…Kellie was no help because she helped make us even more silly.  I can’t wait to workout again with Lou.  We will both be feeling these workouts tomorrow.
I made some garlic buffalo wings yesterday so I had that to eat with a big salad.  My daughter made a wonderful meat sauce so I had some of that as well.  My eating is on track and I know I will complete the challenge.  It feels good to not be sick and feel cruddy.  It is about time.   The rest that I got really helped…I guess my body was upset because I wasn’t listening to it.  I know better the next time.
I am tired…just checking in to keep myself on track.



  1. annselma says:

    Hi Robin,
    You are such an inspiration! I am so glad you are feeling better. I have started my own challenge. I started a day behind you so I am on day two. I will be trying to workout everyday for 100 days in a row. I am doing Turbo Jam and walking with my boys. So far so good. When is your husband coming in? You are going to blow him away.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks ! 100 days?? YOU ROCK!! I think I came close to that once. Turbo Jam looks fun but if I got that then I would feel like I was cheating on Billy. Walking is the BEST exercise in the world. It really works the legs and the butt. Your hips will slim down as well…that is what I did for a little while before the Taebo bug bit me.
    My husband will be back sometime in November. I know he will be surprised…lots of people that haven’t seen me in a long time don’t recognize me at first. Like I said…my last reunion was TERRIBLE. i don’t want this one to be the same. It would be nice to end the evening sleeping soundly and not in the bathroom sobbing. 🙂

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