Yea! Boo!

My links are finally organized! That was driving me crazy….
Today is Sunday…Football Day and now it is my Son’s turn to drive me nuts. He is a newborn Saint’s Fan and they are losing the game. The child is yelling at the computer and grumbling all over the place. I am glad that we can’t actually see the game on television…because I would have to put him out of the house. I guess I am not surprised that the Saint’s are losing a game. I have been a diehard fan of the team for more than 28 years and it actually surprises me when they WIN. I grew up during the ‘AINT’S era and the fans would wear paper bags on their heads to the games. They were 0-15. That was bad…I don’t think it will ever be that bad again. I am telling the child that a true Saint’s fan isn’t fair weather…we love the team even when they lose. I BELIEVE!! I really do believe that the Saint’s will make it to the Superbowl sometime during my lifetime. 28 years of believing…I cannot lose faith now. So I am sitting here explaining to my son that the paperbags on the head is NOT a new thing and we have been through that already. It is only the second game of the season…things will get better…I hope!
Things are looking up…the team is about to make a touchdown…the child is getting into a better mood. I hope there isn’t any fumbling or interceptions. I may have to break out the tranquilizers if that happens!
Ah…the joy of having a teenaged boy in the house…
ETA: I am even considering changing the look of my blog to the Fleur de Lis to make the child feel better.  I have to show him that I have faith in the team.  Amazing…two years ago I couldn’t pay the child to watch a game…now football is all he talks about! 

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