Day Two…

…moving right along.  I was able to get past Day One and completed Day Two.  Woohoo!  19 days left…I have a good feeling about this challenge.  I think I will complete it…
Did Bootcamp Elite Mission Spot Training Upper Body and Mission Spot Training Lower Body.  Both were excellent workouts and I know I will be feeling those tomorrow.  I am on my way to being lean and cut for the reunion with my husband.  The last reunion sucked big time so I would love to have a good one this go around.  I’m thinking about doing Ultimate Taebo tomorrow…that all depends on how my day goes at work.
The Saints lost…but not that badly.  All is well in the household.  🙂  The Boy is starting to see what I am talking about concerning team pride.
I have some things to finish up around the house…



  1. lisamechelle says:

    Larry gets mad when I ask (when the Bears would lose) what the score was. He’d yell,”What difference does it make?! THEY LOST!” I was always thinking it would be worse if they got slammed, LOL!

  2. Mama says:

    Take a picture so I can see your face. Does it still hurt?
    Dad and I are going back to Michigan on Saturday. I really want to see the baby . I’ll let yall know when we will come. If it is not one thing it’s something else. Dad went to after care in Metairie cause he wasn’t feeling well and he was running a temperature with a burnig sensation when he urinated. My first thought was bladder infection and I was right. His white blood cell count was 18,000 when it should be 10,000. The lil doc was overanxious. He was given levaquin and told to go to the emergency room or follow up with our doc on Monday. We saw Naccari in Metairie and he said everything looked fine then had dad take a PSA test for the prostate. Well, Thursday, the nurse calls and says his levels are high so go see a urologist, keep in mind dad has a urinary tract infection. Well, the nurse is saying it could be many things like cancer. We read about Psa levels and find out that they give a lot of false positives and that it is not infallible. Urinary tract infections could also make the levels go high. So, back to Michigan to check again with Sanson. We will let yall know what’s going on.

  3. Robin says:

    sigh…I get off work late today so I will call you as soon as I get home.
    My face is good…it has all cleared up and the scars are pretty much gone. I have another one scheduled to take care of the remaining scars on my face.
    REALLY…that was something that you guys should have called oldest child about…now I will be worried all day.
    Lisa…my son trys to yell but that just won’t happen. He is like they lost…they lost…I told him it is the SAINT’S get used to losses. You have to be a special fan to love the Saints.

  4. lisamechelle says:

    Eh — my husband is a Bears fan and an Orioles fan. I understand, I understand — LOL!

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