Still Here…

…just feeling very ugly. Had my first chemical peel and intensive facial. My face is marked up for right now…I am in the process of healing. I have worked out like planned so the exercise is on track. The eating is on track…I just feel very unattractive right now. I can’t wait until my face heals. 🙁
I saw the President’s speech tonight…while I am like “Eh…so they are coming home. It still doesn’t matter because my husband still got caught up in the extension…” I am RELIEVED that it looks like they will cut down the people there…I hope the unit that was supposed to replace my husband’s doesn’t have to leave. That would be a great Christmas present for the families…
I will be back later…I have been neglecting the blog. Been busy, tired, and now I feel like a monster due to my face…sigh.
I have some things to do…I’ll be back…I promise! 🙂



  1. lisamechelle says:

    Okay. Now, bein’s how I’m 41 and all, I’ve obviously thought about the chemical peel. You said it was awful. What exactly happens to your face afterwards? They say it’s great after it heals. They just don’t say how long it takes, or what it looks like in the meantime. I’m sure you’ll look fab for the hubby after you heal!!!

  2. Robin says:

    I agree with you Rebecca…less than 5% and the people that they are planning on bringing back “before Christmas” are the ones already slotted to come back and they have already done their 15 months. I am supposed to be excited?? What would make me excited is them deleting the orders of the ones just sent out there and sending them back home to their families…
    The speech made no sense to me and it seemed like the were putting everything on the General…
    BTW…I think I deleted your comment by mistake…for some reason it went to SPAM…please don’t think I did that on purpose. I’m gonna try to find the comment because it was awesome!!

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