…does my daughter do some things??  I am loopy from Nyquil and she just came in telling me she was asked out on a date. 


Like a cheap slip…my age is showing.  Sigh…I was gonna say Hell No, but she is 15 and the date consists of her going to the Mall and walking around with the little critter.  I said okay, but I warned her that I would definitely be lurking around the Mall.  The whole time.  There is a place that gives kick ass pedicures there and it is the perfect time for me to get one.  This also prevents the children from attempting to grow a brain and leaving the Mall to parts unknown.
I will have my camera phone with me so I will try to take incognito shots of them walking hand in hand together.

I knew this day was coming when I noticed that she was starting to develop in the upper regions.  I am not happy but I know it is life…
I don’t know HOW my parents dealt with me dating.  I can feel my bones getting brittle and my hair graying as I type…
NOW…I am off to bed and I will probably dream of when she was a little one and desperately needed the latest Bratz Doll.
They grow so fast…cherish the time that you have with them.



  1. lisamechelle says:

    I would show up on that first date, for sure! If my mom would’ve put the fear of getting caught in me, I wouldn’t have been pregnant at 15. The Girl is not me, in all fairness, and I’d been dating since I was 13, but seriously. Put that fear in her and get that pedicure. I don’t suggest holding her other hand and walking with them, just let her see you. That would be enough…

  2. McCormick says:

    Wow, my parents responded with the Hell Nah, when I asked to go out on a date at 15. I wasn’t allowed to date until my senior year of high school. And instilling fear is a good thing… it forces one to recognize possible consquences of their actions.

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