…Diet Sunkist!!  0 calories! 0 carbs!! 0 sugar!!  I picked it up because the kids and I have gotten tired of Coke Zero.  The kids adn I are literally fighting over this drink.  If you haven’t tried the Sunkist I recommend you do…less acidic than Coke and to me it tastes like a treat.  I was able to get in 20 minutes of Taebo in before I felt wiped out.  On Monday if this crud is still around I will be going to the doctor for some chest xrays and to see if I can get something to take away the cough.  I just don’t want to get Robitussin and a annoyed look from the PA.  I also don’t want to get anything with Codiene in it…I have kids (even if they are teens) in the house and I hate to be that loopy.  I don’t respond well to codiene so that is another reason…
I have been trying to get in as much water as possible since I am feeling dehydrated and that scares me.  I had a cousin who passed away with the Flu due to dehydration.  He was about my age…so I don’t take this lightly.  My chest hurts and feels heavy.  Time to break down and see a doctor (or a Physician’s Assistant…there are lots of those in the Military Clinic I go to) and admit that I am human and not hatched.  🙂  Exercise will be done lightly until I am better.  Food isn’t a problem…I am making myself eat because I need the calories.  When I am sick this WOE is quite easy for me.
I have finally gotten over my shyness on forums.  I go to lots of forums for support but I am shy when it comes to commenting.  I always have trouble putting my words together.  That is FUNNY since I blog and I seem to be unable to shut up.  I have typos because my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts.  Trust me…blogging is way different from posting on a forum.  Check out the different forums on my sidebar.  I go to Active Low Carber and Low Carb Discussion now.  If you see my posts…don’t laugh I am less than eloquent. 
I am tired and I need some rest.  I just wish I could get rid of this crud soon…


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