Still Sick…

…but not as sick as I was two days ago.  I was able to get an Ab workout in…and eat a big ole salad with chicken and ranch dressing.  YUM!  I am tired…the workout drained me some but it wasn’t the usual high intensity Taebo I am used to.  I know that would have killed me within 10 minutes.  I hope to get rid of this cold soon.  It would be nice to get back on my schedule again.
I am off to bed…I have a huge day ahead of me since I will be running two buildings tomorrow by myself.  I also have a roster to coordinate…gotta love redeployments!  🙂



  1. Robin says:

    Thanks Waist!! I love Dayquil these days. I think I can’t shake this cold because my children are tag teaming me. That and I believe that one of them keeps drinking from my cup of water. I asked them one time why do they drink my water instead of getting their own…they told me my water tastes better. 😛 I have banned them from going near any of my cups or bottles…I am tired of being sick.
    I have to read up on your blog…I heard you pulled an airplane?? Hardcore!! 😀
    How is The Peanut doing?? She is so beautiful…

  2. sondra says:

    It’s good you could at least get you ab work in. It seems everytime I get into a good routine I get sick and I won’t do a dang thing when I am not feeling good. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  3. Robin says:

    It seems to me that everytime I decide I am gonna step things up and increase my workouts I get sick. Trust me…I DON’T want to do anything and tonight I am going to rest and try to get better. No need to kill myself in the quest to get fit…I’m not trying to look great in my casket.

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