So Sad…

…sigh.  There are twenty more pictures up.  Apparently it is Kimmer behind Kimkins.  I guess that explains why she never wanted to be photographed.  Just goes to show you how you can be anyone you want to be online.  This reminds me of chat rooms or phone sex operators.  You really NEVER know who you are communicating with…seriously.  I hope everyone that wants their money back gets it back.  Just one thing…if Kimkins was your first experience with low carbing…PLEASE do not get discouraged!!  There are many healthy ways to follow this way of eating.  Do your research and choose the plan that is right for you.  Listen to your body!  Low carbing works…you just have to find the right combination that works for you.
This is so very sad indeed….there is a special place in Hell for people like her!  🙁
 p.s. If anything these released pictures of Kimmer has motivated me to continue with Atkins.  I know that this is the best plan for me and as soon as I tried to modify it by lowering calories I started to feel hungry again. 
Got serious on my face again!! 😀



  1. annselma says:

    All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!! Low carb gets such a bad rap, we don’t need this at all. I get such grief from people when I say low carb, I think I will start to say i’m good carbing it or healthy carbing because that is what I feel I am really doing. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you need to go to the dr. You’ve been sick awhile. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Robin says:

    I think you are right about going to the doctor…I am starting to feel pain in my chest when I breathe. My daughter had pneumonia and that was scary.
    I get lots of comments from others about the way I choose to eat…it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I know what I am doing is good for me…low carbing isn’t for everyone so I respect that. Some people that I know have seen the pictures and are saying…SEE! You will just gain it back! Not if I have any say in it. The woman who calls herself Kimmer is now denying that it is her in the pictures. Claiming that it is a totally different person. That is even sadder…to deny who you are just to continue to take people’s money off a very dangerous diet if taken too far. I pray for her and hope she will find it in her heart to OWN her mistakes…
    I tell people that I am on a modified carb plan…basically following a diabetic diet. I don’t get any other questions after that…unless they are really interested.

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