Low Carb Food Pyramid…and other stuff…

…I’m still around. There are times during my blogging when I get lazy and just DO NOT FEEL like getting on the computer. I just finished going through one of those periods. My kids are back in school and I am slowly getting my house de-cluttered from having the teens home all day. My house is starting to feel lighter…just like me! ๐Ÿ™‚ So far the kids are loving their school and I finally think I got The Boy out of the Thuggish Ruggish phase of his teenagerdom. I had to talk to him and explain to him that he just doesn’t fit into that type of group. The Thugs that he is trying to fit in with act mean and ignorant with him anyway. The other day he had a civilized conversation with people that accept him the way that he is…Jay…not Jay From Murder Capital. Sigh…he is getting older because I could actually see the light bulb go off in his head…he will be going to sit at their table for lunch tomorrow. They invited him to do so…Jay isn’t just gonna try to sit with them. I love my child…in the end he will make the decisions about who he wants to be friends with…I just hope he took what I told him and absorbed it.
I located the low carb food pyramid. I would love to print it out and have it applied to a t-shirt. Especially during those times when I am in a social situation and I have to field tons of questions as to WHY I don’t want cake, donuts, ice cream, bread, etc. You get the picture! ๐Ÿ™‚ It does get a bit draining sometimes. I get told how wonderful I look and get asked how I did it. As soon as I say Atkins or low carb I get the…”That’s dangerous! I can’t do that! You need bread to live!” type of comments. I am not dead and I am not sickly. I have carbs…just no processed ones. Fruit and vegetables are what keep me living. Bread never did a thing for me…but make me fat. Low fat just tastes nasty to me and leaves me hungry for more…so yes I eat butter and olive oil…and no I don’t eat flour or sugar. Here is the pyramid…

This is not death on a stick for me…the USDA Food Pyramid is on the other hand. It just amazes me how I am being told that doom is on the horizon for me eating this way by people who are on medication for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The only medication I am on is Thyroid medication…for the Grave’s Disease I developed 16 years ago. They burned out my thyroid back then so the meds are a necessity. Yep…I think I will be making a t-shirt soon. I have a nice big white one this would be perfect on.
I have been working hard with Billy (who else…he is the man!) and I am waiting for my new Amped Bar to show up. I can’t wait for Amped to be available at Target or other stores. I won’t have to stalk the mailbox anymore. I hope Billy comes up with more Amped workouts…this set is truly the best workout I have ever done and he isn’t lying about the results.
I have to get myself ready for work in the morning. I am back from my short vacation from blogging…. ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Robin says:

    In a matter of speaking…YES! Beans are a great source of protein. Now I don’t like beans (I must be the only New Orleanian that doesn’t) but I do eat them as my protein when there is nothing else available.

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