My Limits…

…yes I know them.  I reached a wall tonight during Taebo.   I was going to do a full hour but was only able to do a half hour.  I am tired…so I will not push myself if my body wants to rest.  Tomorrow morning I will be moving with Lou.  Taebo II Get Ripped Advanced 2…I will conserve my energy for that workout.
It does suck when this happens to me…but I have discovered listening to my body is a smart thing.
Gonna go and get some rest…



  1. waistloss says:

    Sometimes you do need to chill. Rest is just as important as exercise. Besides you did do something even though you were tired. Be proud of that!

  2. Robin says:

    You are right…I do need to chill out sometimes. My body makes sure it tells me when it needs a break. No matter how much I argue it always wins. I guess it is because I have lots on my mind these days…darn brain of mine! Making me distracted… 🙂

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