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New Low Carb Board

Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Discussion Board
Check it out! It is fairly new and it is headed up by one of most knowledgeable people  that I could find (short of a medical professional) in the low carb world.
I have been busy for the past week. Sorry for the lack of posts…but I have been running around like crazy trying to get things in order. A co-worker of mine fell sick and I am now responsible for an entire barracks. Needless to say I am a nervous wreck. I am basically a property manager and I am where the “buck stops” whenever there is an issue. Of course…there have been issues. 🙂 Let’s add “Taking over a building” to the long list of eating triggers for Robin. It hasn’t been that bad…a snack size Snicker here, a Popeye’s chicken breast there…but I have been getting in exercise. That has helped the bloating. I am human. Not a low carb eating machine…so I am okay for now. I am going back to Induction Levels with Atkins. I don’t want to mess up everything that I have accomplished so far by adding a bite here and a taste there. It does add up. I know if I hadn’t been exercising consistently I would show a gain on the scale. Thanks to Taebo and my brother I have not been a total bum.
I will be doing some housework today and getting in a workout. I think Ultimate Taebo is on the schedule. I will end this week of triggers (taking over a building, snakes, The Girl impersonating Rainbow Brite) with a awesome workout to get my body back on track. The cravings for sugar and flour are BAD…the bloating is not. Induction will help with the cravings and get me back on track.

Low Carb Food Pyramid…and other stuff…

…I’m still around. There are times during my blogging when I get lazy and just DO NOT FEEL like getting on the computer. I just finished going through one of those periods. My kids are back in school and I am slowly getting my house de-cluttered from having the teens home all day. My house is starting to feel lighter…just like me! 🙂 So far the kids are loving their school and I finally think I got The Boy out of the Thuggish Ruggish phase of his teenagerdom. I had to talk to him and explain to him that he just doesn’t fit into that type of group. The Thugs that he is trying to fit in with act mean and ignorant with him anyway. The other day he had a civilized conversation with people that accept him the way that he is…Jay…not Jay From Murder Capital. Sigh…he is getting older because I could actually see the light bulb go off in his head…he will be going to sit at their table for lunch tomorrow. They invited him to do so…Jay isn’t just gonna try to sit with them. I love my child…in the end he will make the decisions about who he wants to be friends with…I just hope he took what I told him and absorbed it.
I located the low carb food pyramid. I would love to print it out and have it applied to a t-shirt. Especially during those times when I am in a social situation and I have to field tons of questions as to WHY I don’t want cake, donuts, ice cream, bread, etc. You get the picture! 🙂 It does get a bit draining sometimes. I get told how wonderful I look and get asked how I did it. As soon as I say Atkins or low carb I get the…”That’s dangerous! I can’t do that! You need bread to live!” type of comments. I am not dead and I am not sickly. I have carbs…just no processed ones. Fruit and vegetables are what keep me living. Bread never did a thing for me…but make me fat. Low fat just tastes nasty to me and leaves me hungry for more…so yes I eat butter and olive oil…and no I don’t eat flour or sugar. Here is the pyramid…

This is not death on a stick for me…the USDA Food Pyramid is on the other hand. It just amazes me how I am being told that doom is on the horizon for me eating this way by people who are on medication for high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The only medication I am on is Thyroid medication…for the Grave’s Disease I developed 16 years ago. They burned out my thyroid back then so the meds are a necessity. Yep…I think I will be making a t-shirt soon. I have a nice big white one this would be perfect on.
I have been working hard with Billy (who else…he is the man!) and I am waiting for my new Amped Bar to show up. I can’t wait for Amped to be available at Target or other stores. I won’t have to stalk the mailbox anymore. I hope Billy comes up with more Amped workouts…this set is truly the best workout I have ever done and he isn’t lying about the results.
I have to get myself ready for work in the morning. I am back from my short vacation from blogging…. 🙂


…today a soldier told me that I was Freakin’ Sexy.  He is seventeen years younger than I am.  It does feel good to get compliments…it has been such a long time since I heard them.  I got it going on still…so I will be working out tonight with Billy.  Gotta keep that sexy vibe going…even if the ones admiring are young enough to be my children.  🙂
Oh yeah…THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!  JOY!  My house will stay clean!! 

I listened…

…to what this old body had to say and I took a rest from the exercise.  I relaxed yesterday…had some time with my family and watched the Saints game.  They lost.  It seems every time I really feel like watching them play…they lose.  I have to get disinterested in the Saints again and maybe they will win games.  It would be nice to see them go to the Superbowl in my lifetime.  They need to hurry up because I’m 38 now and still no Superbowl.  It will be my luck they will go to the Superbowl the year I pass away.  🙂  Just like any die-hard Saints fan…my hope is still springing eternal.
I finished the workout that kicked my butt the other day.  I am a determined woman.  I started it from the beginning and did the entire workout with Billy.  I did need the rest because the workout wasn’t hard like it was before.  I ordered another Amped Bar so I am doing the Live workouts until it gets here.  It is a nice change of pace…gotta mix up things so my body doesn’t get used to the workouts.
My mind has been wandering these days…my husband is getting short in Iraq.  Not short in height….I don’t think he could get any shorter (according to my son we are shrubs in a world of mighty Redwoods…he is upset that he picked up the shrub gene)…but short in time.  I am getting all squirelly like I always do.  Broke my no candy streak…ate an entire bag of Mega Peanut M&Ms.

At least there were peanuts inside the damned chocolate.  Sigh.  All day today I was thinking about what in the heck I was doing.  I have been doing so well with my eating and exercise and then I notice the short time and I start with the bad habits again.  I gave myself a swift kick in the pants (and realized that I got rid of all my big sizes…nothing but doll sizes in my closet and I can’t afford to buy more clothes) and picked myself up.  The candy definitely didn’t make me feel any better…but I guess it was needed to get me back on track and back into reality.  I know that I cannot make everything perfect…and I cannot be perfect…so I will just be me.  I guess it is good that I am realizing that life will continue forward and no amount of candy will make a difference (except for my weight) in the world.  I am going back on Induction for a week to get the cravings (and they are bad because of the sugar) out of my system and get back to my healthy diet of protein, fruits, and veggies.  I didn’t have a lick of alcohol so I know I have grown…a year ago I would have been drunk and covered with Peanut M&Ms.  My coping skills are better…
I am a Hell’s Kitchen Junkie.  Hell…I am a Gordon Ramsey Junkie.  I am rooting for Rock.  I like him and I think he will run a kick ass kitchen.  This weekend they ran a marathon of Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America.  I was in heaven…and now I see they are doing the American version of Kitchen Nightmares.  My Fall schedule is already set…Saints games and Gordon Ramsey.  I won’t know how to act.  🙂
I have to get ready for work tomorrow.  I got a call from my co-worker and she told me that she will not be back to work until she sees an Orthopedic doctor for an injury that she sustained at work.  It will be busy and interesting for sure…
I’ll be back tomorrow with another workout and to keep myself on track with Induction…

My Limits…

…yes I know them.  I reached a wall tonight during Taebo.   I was going to do a full hour but was only able to do a half hour.  I am tired…so I will not push myself if my body wants to rest.  Tomorrow morning I will be moving with Lou.  Taebo II Get Ripped Advanced 2…I will conserve my energy for that workout.
It does suck when this happens to me…but I have discovered listening to my body is a smart thing.
Gonna go and get some rest…


The Wondertwins are back!  We are starting back with Amped and I am happy to say that Lou has lost weight and he has moved on to the harder Amped.  The workout makes you really sweat.  I am posting some pics that my daughter took of us on my new Secret Agent camera phone.  I still can’t stand that phone, but the pictures are decent.  Lou and I are really sweaty in these pictures…we had just finished working with Billy!  🙂
   I was sitting down…just finished working out so I am looking a hot mess.
  When I say TAEBO WORKS…this is from doing a 44 minute sculpting workout.  Lou has lost weight as well…his face is getting skinny.  He will probably kill me for posting this… 🙂
 My daughter caught me playing around…I don’t know if she caught me in the middle of a Salsa dance or not.  Still the same day…I guess we were just delirious due to the workout and the humidity…

We are planning on working out again tonight.  I do have so much fun when we work out…
If anything it gets rid of the stress that I am feeling due to this deployment and teenaged kids.


…July with the Amped fat burn XL-erator.  I am really in love with these workouts and since I have started mixing up the workouts with original Taebo the results are better.  Whew…starting off August renewed.  I’m going to follow the  Amped Advanced Rotation just to see if it actually works.  Well…I know it works but I want to follow the rotation to see what the results will be.  🙂
Here is the schedule I will follow:

Week 1:
Day 1: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 2: Full Throttle no Amplifier
Day 3: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 4: Live in LA no Amplifier
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: Full Throttle no Amplifier
Day 7: Jump Start Cardio w/Amplifier
Week 2:
Day 1: Core Express w/Amplifier
Day 2: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 3: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 6: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 7: Live in LA w/Amplifier
Week 3:
Day 1: Jump Start Cardio w/Amplifier
Day 2: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 3: Core Express w/Amplifier
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 6: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 7: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Week 4:
Day 1: Live in LA w/Amplifier
Day 2: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 5: Jump Start Cardio w/Amplifier
Day 6: Full Throttle w/Amplifier
Day 7: Fat Burn Accelerator w/Amplifier
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