An Oldie…

…and definitely a goodie.  I was going to do the Ultimate Taebo workout but as I was going through my DVDs I noticed my yellow original Taebo DVD.   I was lucky enough to scoop up the Original Taebo (all 4 workouts) when they released it on DVD format.  It is no longer in print…so if you are looking to get the originals you may be able to find the ones on VHS.  ANYWAY…I saw the old yellow and red DVD and thought Why Not??  I have an hour to kill while the clothes are drying.  Did the Advanced Workout…I AM PROUD!!  I got through the entire thing…double time moves and all.  I was brought back in time to when I first purchased the Taebo tapes and thought I would never be able to complete the Advanced workout.  This workout is the bomb!  It also has the best floor workout at the end.  Slow controlled moves that you really feel.  Keeping form is no problem because of the speed.  My butt, legs, and abs are feeling tight and thoroughly worked.  My son is funny…he heard the cheesy Sonic the Hedgehog music and came into the room.  Ma!  That is an OLD one… I remember you doing that one all the time!   🙂  When they were younger they would run around the room while I was sweating bricks doing this workout.  They actually helped me because I would have to kick higher to avoid kicking them.  Things are a little different but they all (the kids and the pets) sit in the room to keep me company while I am Taeboing my butt off…literally.   Great workout!!  I cannot say enough how good Taebo is at working you to a sweat.  I have seen other workouts come and go and I have actually tried other ones (I have a bookcase full of other workouts gathering dust…I think a trip to the video store is in order.  I think I will sell them all) but I have always seen results working with Billy and his crew.  There is no substitute for me…
I made the kids their fish and chips.  Well…fried fish and some homemade mac and cheese.  I did the New Orleans version of fish and chips.  A recipe that my Momma does…the best one in the world.  The Mac and Cheese was last minute when I realized there wasn’t a potato in the house.  They loved it and were singing songs about how great the food was…makes me smile every time.  I had my naked shrimp with some sauteed green beans and almonds.  Yum!  Now I am drinking water like a camel because of the hard workout I did.  I will sleep good tonight.
I have some things that need to get done and I also have to wash my hair.  I don’t want to go to work looking like I have a rat’s nest on my head.  🙂  I look scary…but that just means I am getting in a good sweat.  I am seriously thinking about cutting my hair short.  Just thinking.  I had short hair before and I know what a pain in the ass it is to grow out.  I shall see…
I hope everyone had a great weekend.



  1. luna says:

    Hi: That’s odd. I went to sleep last night thinking about cutting my hair off, too. Must be the winds of change or something. (Speaking of change, I moved blog locations…come by the new one anytime.) Good luck with your new ‘do if you decide to go for it!

  2. Robin says:

    🙂 I’m a big ole chicken. My hair is my Woobie…LOL. I can”t seem to chop it off. I have already changed the link to your site. i was worried that I had lost you there for a minute.

  3. chelle says:

    I have to say…you are inspiring me to get out my old beginning Tae Bo workout tapes. (Yep, tapes…lol bought them a lONG time ago!) I see your results in the pictures you post and I think…I CAN DO THAT!!!

  4. Robin says:

    Thanks Chelle…Pull out those VHS tapes. The majority of my Taebo collection is on VHS. No shame in my game…I went out and bought a cheap player. The thing that I like about Taebo is the feeling of strength. The results are fast…but before you actually see the results you feel it inside…empowerment. I have so much confidence now…the workouts have helped me a lot. And you are right…YOU CAN DO IT!!

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