Dear Lord!

I am doing some major cleaning in this house (literally on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor) and I came across what I thought was a Black Widow spider.  I have a extreme fear of spiders (something I must get over since I live in the desert of Arizona) and at first I froze.  I then realized that Black Widow is a very bad thing for the kids and the pets.  I took a shoe and slammed it…the only problem is I am not sure if I killed it or not.  There was no way that I missed it…but I cannot find evidence of a body anywhere.  First thing tomorrow morning I am calling the exterminators on post and I will demand that they spray the house.  When I see the “Death On A Stick Red Butt Spider” in my house they need to come here STAT!  My daughter caught a glimpse of the damned thing and she is trying to calm down my freak out by saying that it’s legs weren’t long enough to be a Black Widow.  I don’t care…It was black…it had a red butt…it was a spider…that is enough for me.  It is amazing here…almost like living in Australia…there are critters that can cause DEATH to you all over the place.  If I find a Brown Recluse I will just move.  Death House!
Anyway it looks like I will be staying home tomorrow for the spraying because they WILL be coming tomorrow.  NO is not an answer that I will be hearing from these people.  I will try to get in a workout with Billy today but I do have to finish this first.  I am like Lady MacBeth in here…OUT OUT DAMNED SPOT!!

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