It’s my birthday and I have to say that turning 38 has been great so far.  This is one of the best birthdays that I have had in my adult life so far.  🙂
The birthday stuff started last week when Momma sent me birthday loot!  🙂  I was surprised since I am GROWN and I really didn’t want anything at all.  I tend to look at my birthdays these past couple of years as…IT IS HERE AGAIN??  JEEZ DIDN’T I JUST DO THIS??  Kinda like I am super glued to an insane horse racing towards a burning barn.  Can’t. Do. A. Thing. About. Time.  So that was a pleasant surprise.  Still on the horse…but on the horse getting a pedicure.  LOL!   I  go to work and I discover that my new job has given me 59 minutes off.  Wow.  That is a big deal especially since that is 59 more minutes than the Commissary would have given me.  I got a call that Payroll has corrected my leave and will be restored all the lost time from my LES.  I’M BEAMING!   We decided to throw a July Birthday Party (three of the 6 people in my division had birthdays…the 12th, the 16th, and the best date…the 19th!  Cancers RULE!)…lots of people showed up.  I got a beautiful daisy plant (Signal orange of course) and my co-workers got me a $50.00 gift card.  WOOHOO!  During the lunch the FedEx man comes in with a plant for me.  My husband got me a beautiful purple orchid.  One of my favorite flowers and favorite color.  I get a call from my daughter later telling me something else came from the Husband.  He also sent me a 18kt white gold heart with three diamonds to signify past/present/future and a matching bracelet.  I am now geechy…to top off my great day Lou and Kellie came by and delivered the very thing that I have been wanting for the longest time…A CONVECTION OVEN!  SNOOPY DANCE!! SNOOPY DANCE!!  I am so happy because I THOUGHT I had purchased a convection oven when I got the one that I have now.  I picked up the wrong box and ended up with a microwave/grill.  NOT A CONVECTION OVEN!!  So…I will give the micro/grill to Lou and Kellie (they have a microwave that has paint peeling off the inside…just like the one that I replaced…I give the micro/grill to them with love and affection).  I can’t wait to cook something in my new oven…I have chicken ready to cook.  🙂 🙂
I decided to get the children a pizza…I will be working out to Billy.  I can’t start off my 38th year without visiting my man Bill.
Like I said…this has been a GREAT DAY for me so far.



  1. waistloss says:

    Go Robin! It’s your birthday! Go Robin! It’s your birthday!
    Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Birthday to ya!
    Happy Birrrrrrrthdayyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Rebecca…it was refreshing to actually have a birthday that I enjoyed! It helps that I am feeling great these days…it is amazing what happens when you just let go.
    Lisa…thanks for the birthday wishes. It is never too late… 🙂
    And Waist…thanks for the birthday tune. Y’all comments just topped off possibly the best birthday that I have had in years!
    Love All Y’all… 🙂

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