What the Heck?? I am getting myself ready for a short visit with Billy. I wanted to get a couple of Kimmer recipes (to use with my convection oven) so I went to her site. I paid for the access…and now they have no record of my email address or my username and password. I don’t know if I have been deleted from the site or what. It sucks because I paid to be there…I certainly do not see a refund in my account. Sigh…
I think the diet works. But to not be able to have access to the site (and this is after she raised the prices…I got access when it was only 39.95) makes me feel disappointed. If it was free I wouldn’t care in the least. That 40.00 could have been used elsewhere. Oh well. It is just upsetting since I have said nothing but good things about her diet…never a negative comment has ever been uttered or written by me.
Sigh. I won’t repay to get back on…but I will not say anything about Kimkins after this…just follow the plan that you feel works best for you. The diet was a bit low in calories for me anyway. I think I will just stick with my 1.99 copy of Atkins and continue on…
I’m still disappointed…



  1. Christine says:

    Is that place run by SixApart? Seriously, it seems like they’re the only ones who jerk people around like that online. I have a $150 permanent account on LiveJournal, and they’d suspend me in a heart beat if I got one complaint.

  2. McCormick says:

    That blows. You should request a refund or ask that they re-instate your membership, you saved the emails confirming purchase, right? There’s your proof.

  3. scaleslave says:

    Hey Robin!
    don’t let them get away with that. You paid for that membership. At the very least they owe you an explanation…and then a refund if they won’t fix the problem.
    You look great, by the way. I’m down 33 pounds and have now reached that crucial point of having to think about maintenance. And I agree, the plan may be too low in calories to maintain long term.
    Send me an email if you want to cheer each other on as we continue on our journey.

  4. Robin says:

    You know…the more I think about all of this the more I agree that this blows. I am glad I copied every one of the 5 diets (with the food lists) and saved them on my computer. At least I got something for my money spent. lifetime membership. I guess it is lifetime until the price goes up. That is bad business….no email. No refund…nothing to indicate a deletion, banning, a piss off or anything. Just…no access. Crud.

  5. luna says:

    Hi Robin: Since one of the things Kimkins really stresses in advertising is the “Once you join, you have access to all the benefits of the Kimkins weight loss system for life” idea, you should definitely email them and ask how you can be reinstated! You deserve your lifetime membership! 🙂

  6. Robin says:

    Thanks…i will do that. It could have been a mistake. Trust me I am not jumping on the Anti-Kimmer bandwagon. The diet works…yes it is low in calories, but sometimes that is what some people need. I exercise a bunch so I need the additional calories. I had to cool off because I didn’t want to say anything negative about the diet or the person. People were saying the same thing about Atkins …basically it was “death on a stick” in most people’s opinion. I liken this to the way Richard Simmons website was handled…it could be because of the change or the popularity of the website. I did read somewhere that the server crashed due to the number of hits. I just wonder when this woman became evil incarnate?? I will email them and see if this can be fixed…

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