Revisited an Oldie…

…this evening I decided to go Old School and stick in Taebo Advanced Live Volume 2.  My butt has been thoroughly kicked.  A good thing though…since I have been adding in resistance training I was able to get through the entire workout.  I felt stronger.  My technique was there and I believe I got what I was supposed to get from this Advanced Tape.  I gotta love the Monsoon season here because along with the Monsoon there is some humidity.  I hate it for my hair but for workouts it is great for me.  I achieved the Taebo Sweat that you see in all of Billy’s workouts.  I actually had to close my eyes towards the end because I was sweating so much it was going into my eyes.  Now that is a workout!!
A website named Weight Loss Tips asked me for an interview last week.  I was honored to answer the questions that they sent me.  You can check out the site at .
My story is up there but there are so many inspiring interviews there I enjoyed reading everyone of them.  They will really inspire you!
Now…as if I don’t have enough Sims things I bought the new Sims Pet Stories.  🙂  I got tired of my Sim ignoring me and passing out.  Or catching fire, getting hit by lightening, or just being boring.  I will install that tonight but will probably try it out tomorrow.  I am tired…the workout whipped my butt.  My birthday is LOOMING and I sometimes feel my age.  I like nothing more than to sleep or rest.  Someone asked me if I was going to do something for my birthday.  I guess watching a movie in some comfy clothes sounds boring but to me that is more fun than going out.  I am so OVER that scene…and besides…I really do not need to run into any of the troops that I put into rooms.  They need to continue to see me as a professional.  Drinking and dancing does not seem very professional to me.  Besides, I haven’t had a DROP to drink since the beginning of February.  I am sure I am a light weight these days with alcohol.
Gonna get some sleep…wanted to report the workout…



  1. waistloss says:

    You are just becoming world famous aren’t you? The Army wives thing, the Blanks family contacting you and now this? I hope you don’t forget us little people…

  2. Robin says:

    NEVER!! I honestly can’t tell you where all of this is coming from. I tend to keep to myself. I never thought I would be noticed like this…I just needed a place to dump about my weightloss…to stay honest…to get support and to meet new people. I guess it is because of how old I am and the big change I made. Go figure!
    Did you read my comment below and the “gentle” suggestion for your plans?? 🙂

  3. Whoa! You are becoming world famous! I was actually just thinking I would ask if you would mind if I used one of your Tae-Bo reviews on my website…
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Robin says:

    You are welcome to use one of my reviews. I do call them as I see them. I am honest when it comes to the workouts. Not all of them are the best…and that is when I roll over them with the Saturn…
    I never thought that anyone would notice what I was doing…and I am still amazed by people asking me for advice. I never thought I would be considered an inspiration…
    It is good to see you back…

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