Great Workout…

…today I worked out with Lou (my Wonder-twin) and we had a good one.  Both of us pushed ourselves to the limit with Billy’s sculpting workout.  My brother was shaking after the routine.  For all those men out there that believe that Taebo is a “girl’s” workout…ask my brother and my husband.  Both of them have worked out with me and they both had their butts handed to them at the end.  My husband even told me (a long time ago) that I was “in shape” to be able to handle the whole thing.  He is PT King with the Army and was complaining during whole time.  My brother liked the new workout that we did so I am hoping to get in this particular routine at least three times a week.  I don’t mind going to him since it make the workout more fun to have someone with me.  It also keeps me going since I don’t want to look like a punk to my baby brother.  🙂
This weekend…I spent more money than the law allowed.  I bought some clothes (they were all clearance with and additional 40% off…HEY…I’m a woman and I couldn’t pass up a deal like that!!)…lost my cell phone…got a new phone that I still can’t figure out how to answer.  The phone thing…well…it was a great deal so I decided to get it.  All the bells and whistles are included – a phone, a camera, an MP3 player, bluetooth technology (I won’t use that because I think that everyone that has one of the things look like The Borg…yes I LOVE all things Star Trek)  and it slides up like the phone Neo used in The Matrix.  It is called a RIZR (I skipped the RAZR and went right to the next level I guess) and the kids think I am so cool because I have one.  I just want a phone that I can use and hear out of…and since it slid open I was confused as to how to answer the thing.  When it rang I just stared at it…my son and daughter (while rolling their eyes) had to show me what to do.  I guess I am officially clueless!  🙂
I fried some chicken again for the kids…I really really wanted to have some so I decided I would try doing my low carb version.  I put some chicken aside and started to look for the “breading” that I wanted to use.  NOTHING! NADA!  I had already seasoned the chicken and had the egg ready…I decided to just fry with no coating at all.  YUM!  I like this better than the other recipes.  This is truly lowcarb fried chicken because I used nothing but salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and egg.  I cracked an egg over the chicken…mixed it until it was coated and threw it in the deep fryer.  The kids like my flourless version better than the regular chicken.  They couldn’t tell there was no breading at all because the skin was nice and crispy…just like fried chicken.  Home Run !!  I think I will make my fried chicken this way from now on…Popeye’s can keep their naked chicken strips.  I think they make them too salty anyway…and in my opinion my recipe tastes better and easy as hell.  🙂
I have some things to do to  prepare for work tomorrow.  I just wonder where my weekends go??  They should give everyone off Mondays…face it noone really gets it together until Wednesday anyway.  If I have time I will post again…



  1. waistloss says:

    I showed my wife your pics and she wants to do Taebo to get her “figure” back after she has the baby. You are an inspiration!

  2. Robin says:

    🙂 Tell your wife it does work. Tell her that she shouldn’t wait 16 years like I did to lose all my baby weight. 🙂
    What do you think of my naked fried chicken…it is amazing that I didn’t miss the breading at all…
    I want to see pictures posted of that beautiful baby when she is born!!

  3. waistloss says:

    I am gonna try that ried chicken. Something tells me I’m gonna need a whole new repitoire when it comes to low carb cooking. Did you see my message on your “Me” page?

  4. Robin says:

    Yes I did…i am at work so I will email you when I get home. Honestly…the only thing to do in Phoenix that would fit your situation is going to the Big Mall. That is the only time I went there. I can tell you this…IT IS HOT! I call it the armpit of AZ…this morning at 0615 it was 95 degrees. It can get as hot as 115 during the day. Keep in mind that it is also monsoon season here and it rains at 3 every day. I would gently suggest Vegas. It does get hot there…but there are shows and lots of stuff to do. Not just gambling… I am 4 hours from Phoenix so i don’t visit there often.

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