My Aching…

…BACK!!  I have not missed a workout yet but I believe I pulled a muscle in my back.  My lower back is killing me.  Last night after a long soak I slept with Icy Hot and a heating pad.  This morning I am having a hard time standing straight.  🙁  I slept curved and I am walking curved like the letter C.  I know…”WAH”… that is what happens when you train hard and do something different.  I did something different on Friday…I decided to do a Taebo II tape and then on Sunday I did a Advanced Live 1 (1999)…kicked my ass and my muscles are feeling it.  I will take it easy tonight to let myself heal and I feel another three-way of me, Icy Hot, and the heating pad are in the works for tonight.  At least I won’t be lonely in bed tonight… 😉



  1. waistloss says:

    A three-way?!!!? I’mo tell!!!
    Seriously, try lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent. Lying on the heating pad is even better. Gravity will help those muscles relax.

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks for the tip…anything to make the pain go away. Heh heh…don’t tell on me…Icy Hot is the closest that I can come to having a man in my bed…that and Tequila the Surfer Cat. He has taken my husband’s side of the bed. It will be interesting when my husband comes home to see how the cat reacts. 🙂
    CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY ON THE WAY! You know the sex?? A girl?? She will be your biggest fan…trust me!

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