…been working my tail off since I last posted.  I have been consistent with the workouts and my eating has been good.  I am picking up lean mass like crazy…I look smaller yet my weight seems to be staying the same.  I will focus on the way I look and the way the clothes are fitting.  If I get on the scale I will be discouraged.  The Inner Fat Chick in me would be screaming at me to stop what I am doing and focus on the downward spiral of the scale.  Kellie (my sister in law) said something that made a lot of sense… It doesn’t matter WHAT the scale says…it is how you look that counts!  She is so smart sometimes.  I did get on the scale…Lou made me jump on when he came by the other day to acquire some supplements.  I have tons of them and instead of me letting them expire I would rather let him use them.  They were mostly for my husband (so you can imagine how long they have sat since he has been deployed) and I will not use them because I don’t want to ADD mass…I am looking to lose it.  Either way…my eating and exercise is adding mass whether I want it or not.  As long as it is replacing the fat…bring on the lean muscle mass.  The scale showed a GAIN…but I am smaller.  I was trippin’ at first…that is when my brother called Kellie and that is when she made the stop looking at the scale statement.  I look WAY smaller than my weight.  I’m cool with that…
MommaTwin has lost a total of 7.5 pounds on Kimmer’s Plan.  She may have lost more since I last talked to her…once I get the updated loss I will post it.  My Momma is doing so well…she isn’t exercising like I am, but Kimmer lost all her weight and didn’t exercise herself.  As long as she feels good…I am happy for her.  WonderTwin (Lou) has started to work out with me again.  We did two days of Amped and tonight he is doing Taebo Contact (Billy Bag and all).  I am so proud of him.  He made a bet with a family friend and he is three weeks behind in starting.  I know that once he makes up his mind he will rock his program and catch up.  I am sure he doesn’t want to lose this bet…there is something about dressing up as Shrek or Donkey for Halloween for the loser.  I think that would be cute win or lose…but my brother has a competitive nature and there is no way that he will go down without a fight.  🙂  I still think he would make a cute Shrek.
The job is going good.  Today we went to Staples and ordered me a desk.  They spent a mad amount of money on the damned thing so I KNOW I am there to stay.  I just can’t wait to get settled in and start doing my job for real.  I hate feeling homeless… but at least I am still getting paid.
I feel great…loving the workouts and the eating plan I am on.  I sometimes wonder why I waited so long to do this for myself??  I guess (like my brother) I just had to be READY for a change.
Watching Hell’s Kitchen right now…I am GLAD I flaked out on the auditions.  I don’t think I would last three minutes in the room with Chef Ramsey…Lordy that man can be abusive at times!



  1. Lady Rose says:

    Fitness RULES! Don’t worry about that scale. 🙂 You are a real inspiration. Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

  2. Robin says:

    Lady Rose…I try to keep everything in perspective. I used to let my weight decide on what type of day I’m gonna have…no more. Now my day is dictated on whether or not I got in any exercise. The job that I have now has me moving and climbing stairs daily. Even if I don’t workout formally I am still moving. I liked working at the Commissary but having a grocery store at my disposal wasn’t very good for me. I was able to eat whenever I wanted and sometimes it wasn’t good eating. Lots of samples from the Vendors. 🙂
    Inspiration?? Wow…I never thought of myself as that…a big THANK YOU for that one…

  3. Jimmy Moore says:

    You are an inspiration more than you will ever realize, Robin! Keep being the example for others to follow, my friend. YOU’RE AWESOME! 😀

  4. Robin says:

    Another THANK YOU. 🙂 Your comments are so motivating!! I get inspired by each and everyone of you. Jimmy Moore thinks I am an inspiration…that is like Dr. Atkins himself saying ‘Atta Girl!!’

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