The Shock…

…has worn off.  The dinner was delicious!!  I was stunned!  What did my kids make??  Chicken and Beef kabobs marinated in a red pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice and two cheese fettuccine Alfredo.  I kid you not…these are the same kids that act like they are allergic to the kitchen.  My son made the two cheese Alfredo (he is pasta king I guess) and my daughter made the kabobs.  I had a little of the fettuccine since my son was sitting there watching me taste it.  It was perfectly seasoned and very creamy.  The pasta was cooked perfectly (he stood there and watched the timer intently…no way was he deviating from the time on the box) measuring cups in hand and a intent look on his face.  There were a couple of times when I heard crashing come from the kitchen but he did it without my help.   How could I NOT eat what my baby cooked for me?? My daughter marinated the meat for four hours and then grilled it for me.  She was adjusting the temps and then let it sit on the grill on low heat under the dome to slow cook it.  She told me she remembered what I did with the meat before.  I think I will let them cook more often.  They knew that I have been down in the dumps for the past couple of days and then I was struck with exhaustion and pain.  they wanted to help me…and they did!   I am so proud of them!
I did my workout today…feeling great and I stayed on plan with my diet (with the exception of the small amount of pasta…but with the amount of exercise I am doing I am sure that little amount won’t hurt me…and so what if it does??  MY SON COOKED IT!)  and today at work I moved furniture so I did get in some movement today!
It is time to do the 120 days of exercise and eating healthy again.  This time I will stick to it.  The Amped system is rocking and I am seeing serious results.  My body is changing (in a good way) and the loose skin is really tightening up.  It is not wrinkly like a Shar-Pei anymore and it looks like it is tightening up.  I can see definition in my abs.  Who would have thought that would happen??  Certainly not me…but it is happening.
I have been craving (actually fiending) for fresh fruits and vegetables.  My daughter saw all the produce I brought home and fell to her knees in thanks.  The child LOVES fruits and veggies (I have my Momma to thank for that…as little ones she only gave my kids fruits and vegetables) she will bypass junk food for a fruit or veggie tray in a second.  Since I have added the fruits and vegetables (non starchy veggies and low glycemic fruits…I chose off the list of approved foods) my workouts have gotten better and I am getting great sleep at night.  I am also noticing great results…I will see what will become of this.
I need to get some rest.  I have a busy day tomorrow ahead of me.  I hope everyone had a great day!!



  1. Deb says:

    That is so sweet your kids made you dinner! That is so great your daughter loves fruits and veggies. I sure wish my 9 yo would bypass junk food for fruits and veggies but I don’t see that happening anytime soon! Congrats on the definition in your abs – that is no easy task!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Lori says:

    What a wonderful bunch of kids. That’s so nice of them and they made really good food (you know, as opposed to fish sticks and tater tots as I did once, ahem).
    It’s so wonderful that they noticed you were down in the dumps and did something to make you feel better. Great kids — but that’s because they have a great mother. I hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Mama says:

    It’s not surprising that they have great instincts for cooking. Look who their teachers are!
    They took the roof off the 2 rooms today so of course it is raining. Not to fear there is a taup over each side. It has not rained for the past two days. Go figure. I saw a picture of the lil papoose. He is getting long. Dad told Lou he has a growth on his chest and Kellie told me when Lou is not there she has one on her shoulder. But that’s okay, Jay and Lo seldom saw the bed when they were that age. They need a lot of love at that age. They can be weaned in a few more months.
    I saw an American Haunting on dvd. It was great. Check it out.
    I have lost 7.5lbs. so far just a few hundred more to go. lol
    Oh, we had to get a new tv for the office because the other new one died. I thought it was direct tv but Lou told me it was probably the set.
    I have a knack for picking lemons because I am technically challenged. We bought it at Sam’s so there was no problem returning it. We did ,however. get the next size, 32″ and paid 200 more. I prefer this one, not so complicated.
    I hear the rain pouring down outside. Latinos are great workers. Everybody here calls them Mexicans no matter where they are from. I’m sure it must irk the hell out of them.
    Well, I need to go see if Daddy is not oversupervising the men.

  4. Robin says:

    I was very happy with the meal and felt so appreciated! The Babies are growing up…and sometimes it makes me sad. I still remember bringing them back from the hospital. My son is turning 16 on the 4th and on the 5th he is off to look for a job. A JOB!! Sigh…
    Deb…my mother really had a lot to do with the preference for fruit and veggies over the junk food. I am so happy about that because it helps me stay on my program. There is really nothing bad for me to binge on. If I get a sweet tooth attack I grab grapes instead of cookies.
    Lori…thanks for the compliment! I hope they see me as a great Mom…it is very hard work trying to be both Mom and Dad. The one thing the Army has done is make me independent. I have no choice due to all the deployments that this family has gone through. I was kinda down due to this month would have been the 30 day countdown to my husband coming home and my family being whole again. Of course…that is not to be due to the extensions. I know that the time will probably fly by due to the new job and preparing the kids for school …and everyone is saying to look at the extra money. It isn’t worth it to me. I would rather have my husband home than money. I am so done with this deployment…
    Momma…I’m gonna call you. I’m sorry about the TV…but I am also glad you were able to find something better. I am so HAPPY for you and the weight loss.. You are rocking this big time…but I had no doubt otherwise!!

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