Why I Am Gonna Workout Today…

…because I went to the PX and actually put on a size 1 skirt.  It was 75% off so I got a 30.00 skirt for about 5.50.  Before anyone says anything…I am usually in 3s and 5s.  I know this skirt was probably cut larger (vanity sized) but it is  damned good motivation to see a size 1 on your ass.  Especially when my ass was a 18/20 not so long ago.  Hee hee!  My Momma called me and she is joining me in doing Kimkins!!  WOOHOO!!  The newest addition to Team Wondertwin…Momma!  She will be dubbed…MommaTwin!  Momma and I are no strangers to dieting together.  We did Weight Watchers together a couple of times.  My Momma always did well on those plans while I gained and lost the same 5 pounds over and over again.  My Momma is also no stranger to Low Carbing…she was the original Atkins (AT-Kid) in the family.  She was doing really well and lost a lot of weight and that piqued my interest in low carbing.  Unfortunately I had to gain more than 60 pounds to start.  So…I have a new diet buddy…MommaTwin.  My original WonderTwin will be starting his exercise with me probably next week.  I can’t wait…
Off to sweat some and then eat something.



  1. lisamechelle says:

    After reading your entry, then Jimmy’s, I went to the K/E site. What is so different about her plan than Atkin’s? I want to know before I plunk down the $60 to find out. And about your husband saying “all bets are off,” I agree with you. That’s usually how I mess up. It all starts with one day. Then leftovers. Then it’s a week. You get it … Did you start K/E yet?

  2. Robin says:

    Yep…I started the K/E already and I am in deep ketosis. Kimmer’s Plan is low carb/low fat (or lower fat in my case…I do better with a little more fat added to the mix). You can find the specifics of Kimmer’s Plan on the Low Carb Friends board if you cannot afford the 59.95. I also put the Kimmer Experiment on this blog. I just need to find out which entry. Kimmer has 5 different plans to choose from…I guess that is the difference.
    My husband can kiss my ass as far is going off the diet. I have worked too hard to get to where I am to blow it just because he is home. He has actually gained weight…I guess his metabolism has finally decided to stop….182 was the last thing he told me. I am trying to tell him low carb works…but he insists his way is better. I see that…he has gained almost 15 pounds since he has been gone.
    I’m gonna email you something…you still have the excite email address??

  3. lisamechelle says:

    Thanks, Robin! 😀 ! My internet is messed up down here now, so I have to get it running right before I can print it out. Right now, I’m stealing a neighbor’s access.

  4. Robin says:

    No problem…You have been here with me since Germany. I know I don’t comment that much but know that I keep up with you. I’m glad you are happy…hope it works for you.

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