…has been kicked.  Did the Fat Burn Accelerator with my Amplifier.  Why do I miss workouts…I feel so good after doing them!  I had a awesome meal and the cravings are GONE!  I love Creole cooking but I know now I have to eat that in moderation.  My husband informed me that around the Holidays all bets are off.  Um…maybe for him they are but I plan on sticking to my way of eating.  I can’t stand the bloating, cramping, fatigue and irritability that manifests itself whenever I decided to eat the way I used to eat.  It just isn’t worth the discomfort for me.  I will stay on the K/E plan for the entire five days as planned.  I am curious to see if I will have the great results that everyone has had using the Kimmer Plan.  If anything…I like the energy I have and the sense of well being from eating clean.
My parents are coming next month and since MommaTwin is starting Kimmer’s Plan I won’t have any issues with meals.  My Mother is an excellent cook…so I am looking forward to trying some of her creations.  I still want some Hot Sausage from her…but not as much.  Since starting back on my plan my cravings for Hot Sausage has gone away.
Someone I know wants to try the Alli Pill.  It is basically Xenical over the counter.  I have read up on the various stats on Xenical and to me the side effects aren’t worth the .6 extra pounds a month.  If I wanted cramps and diarrhea I will just take a handful of laxatives.  I’m not knocking the pill…it just isn’t something that I would want to use.  If it works for you…that is great.  I hope you get all the success that you are looking for…I really mean that.  Everyone is different…I like low carbing and for a while I considered all kinds of crazy for doing this way of eating.  Now…the results speak for themselves and I am getting asked all kinds of questions.  Exercise and diet.  I don’t get into the low carb thing unless they ask me about a specific plan…and I am successfully getting the word out that low carb isn’t just bacon, cheese, and butter.  🙂
I seriously need to wash my hair…I have a ceremony to go to tomorrow and I don’t want to look like a rat has taken residence in my hair.
Have a Great Evening…



  1. Lady Rose says:

    Low carb is definitely NOT just bacon and cheese — I tried Atkins years ago and gained a ton of weight, then I used the “extreme” version in the book (just cream cheese and macadamin nuts) no weight loss — finally I called the Atkins folks directly and spoke with a staff member – they firmly gave me a lecture on eating veggies and lots of greens and good carbs!!!! because with carbs the metabolism shuts down to crawl pretty quickly. So I told my friend who was an Atkins fan (though she never actually did go on a diet) and she was shocked. Lady Rose

  2. Robin says:

    You are SO RIGHT!!! I eat more veggies and some fruits now than I did when I ate high carb. People just look at the first part of the plan and never go beyond the first phase. Hell if I had to eat like that all the time I would lose my mind. The weight loss is great…but just eating extreme low carb with little vegetables and fruits does get boring.

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