First Day Back…

…and I am getting my “game” back.  I decided to do the Kimmer Experiment to jump-start the fat loss again.  It is a great plan and way better than Water Fasting.   I need to have food in my body.  I work out too intensely to just fast and get back into ketosis.  I am following Jimmy Moore’s Blogs (he is using the Kimmer Plan to lose another 50 pounds…good luck, Jimmy!)  I am gonna follow the K/E plan for about 5 days and then I will try doing the Kimmer Plan.  There are different versions to try and I think I will do the Bootcamp one.  30 minutes of exercise a day is required and I already do that so it should be a easy transition.
I am discovering that getting into an argument with my teens is yet another trigger for me.  I had a spat with my daughter and the first thing I wanted to do was eat some M&Ms.  I didn’t…drank a huge glass of water instead.  I know that if I would have eaten the M&Ms I would feel worse and I would see it on the scale tomorrow.  Sigh…one day at a time I guess.  I can’t avoid arguments…I am just glad I realize that it is just that…an argument…not an excuse to stuff my face.  I am gonna workout tonight, I sleep better after a hard sweat.  Hopefully I will lose this water weight that I put on at the end of the experiment.



  1. Jimmy Moore says:

    THANKS for the well wishes, Robin! I’ve lost 21 pounds in 15 days on Kimkins…I’m well on my way to that 50-pound goal!!! You keep up the fantastic work yourself. I’m proud of you!

  2. Robin says:

    Thanks Jimmy…You are my inspiration. I am happy that you are having so much success on Kimmer’s program. Everybody is different…I remember when I first started to do Atkins and everyone said that I would be sick…that I was killing my body. I have never felt better. I am sure that I will eventually “hear” negative comments again now that I am embarking on full blown low carbing. I am trying Kimmer’s plan because I am stalling on Atkins. I’m glad I listened to my body and not to all the nay-sayers…I would not be where I am today.

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