I gained…

6 pounds this weekend.  I know it is water weight and it was so worth it to me.  I was able to eat some good home cooking made by Miss Judy and now it is back to basics for me.  I don’t know if I will fast all day to get back into ketosis or just go straight Induction with Atkins.  I have to get rid of this water weight…like RIGHT NOW!   I ate everything that was NOT low carb and it was good to have those things.  Just not all the time.  🙂  Yesterday I did 90 minutes of Taebo (Ultimate Taebo) and today I am resting.  Tomorrow starts my program again to get off this water weight and to feel like I am in the game again.  The Creole cooking that I had was so worth the weight… Just need to figure out what I will do to get back into fat burning mode.  I always know when I have too many carbs in my system because I get really sleepy during the day.  I was at a meeting and I almost fell asleep there…not cool at all.
Gonna do some chores now and watch Deal or No Deal.  I hope someone wins the Million tonight…



  1. McCormick says:

    I like that you acknowledge setbacks as temporary. I love your attitude. We’re human and we’re entitled to cheats and treats occasionally, no need to hate ourselves over it.

  2. Robin says:

    I used to beat myself up…just say Oh Well…why even continue. That obviously didn’t work very well for me. It is always temporary…we fluctuate our weight up to 8 pounds in a day. I will see myself as a failure…especially if when I had such a good time this weekend.

  3. Lady Rose says:

    Frustrating thats for sure – but you have the right attitude and not letting it get you off track. Have you ever checked how much sodium you are taking in? I was shocked once I started looking at the amounts in some of the foods – especially low calorie, low sugar and low fat foods – its often more then regular version to make up for some taste. I had to cut back on my salt because of my blood pressure. Once I cut it down to what the doctor recommended – I found I didn’t have has much water retention issues. Now I do get unexplained gains now and then – but usually I can tell I have some inflammation issues going on (i.e. pain in joints from arthritis).
    Three cheers for NOT beating yourself up! Lady Rose

  4. Robin says:

    Frustrating is not the word for that…believe me I wanted to break the scale! I used to get so down in the dumps until I realized that all that extra weight is just water weight. Unless I totally gorged myself there is no physical way that I ate that many calories to gain 6 pounds in 12 hours. I started to use the education that was partially paid for by my parents. It is finally being put to good use. Since I have accepted that water weight is a temporary thing I find it easier to forgive myself and continue on plan with the very next meal. It works for me!!

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