Happy day to my daddy…I hope he stops working on the house long enough to enjoy his day. I got a chance to talk to him today and I also talked to my Father in Law. It is refreshing to speak to the males in the family. They are just too cool for school. No worries…no fussing…just happy to hear from me. 🙂 I talked to Momma and I am gonna stalk her until she brings me some HOT SAUSAGE (Vaucresson’s, please) from New Orleans next month. They will be coming around my birthday…all I want is some authentic hot sausage from my stomping ground. I think I will make a hot sausage chili…a recipe that I found when I actually get some. In the meantime I will make my own and dream of the best tasting hot sausage in the world…VAUCRESSON’S. I actually kinda knew Vance …damn I should have married him and then I would have all the hot sausage that I can eat. He was dating someone at the time and I was a teenager…but…I didn’t realize that he was the actual Vaucresson Meat Man…and here I am…hot sausage-less. He would have been PERFECT for my low carb lifestyle.
Okay…I have lots of things to do today…I do want to workout and get some things done in the house. I also will probably be going by my brother’s for a BBQ. My child wants to see a movie as well. Sigh…where do my weekends go??
I will be back later with some more pictures of the family…and I WILL WORKOUT dammit. Today is Sunday so I think I will throw in the Ultimate Taebo and start my week off right…with 90 minutes of cardio.
LOL…My daughter just read this post and said that I was being a Ho for Hot Sausage.  “No Ho-ing yourself for Hot Sausage, Ma!” is exactly what she said.  Now… I am not considering becoming Ho-Like to get some hot sausage…I just was saying IF I would have paid more attention and realized that HE was the HOT SAUSAGE guy then I would have been all over that like white on rice.  LOL!  I swear…I wonder WHO these children are sometimes.

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