Family Photos….

I went over to Kellie and Lou’s house to see the baby again and to see Miss Judy and Mr. Sonny. I was so happy to see them…Miss Judy is cooking up a New Orleans storm! She made Huck-A-Bucks (frozen cups to all those folks who didn’t grow up in New Orleans) that were sugar free and I was in heaven. It is wonderful when family visits…we get a chance to relive being kids again. These pictures are from Miss Judy….she took a bunch of great pictures and I just have to share them…
Me, Lou, and Kailyn
Baby Lou
Me and Lou
Me and Lou
Me Lou and Kay...
Kellie, Lou and Baby Lou
Family Portrait



  1. Robin says:

    :)…THANKS!! I love my family…as you can tell. I have been talking more about them lately since in laws are visiting. My Mom and Dad are coming next month and there will be more.
    I hate the way that I look in pictures….it always makes me look bigger than I am…but this is way better looking than before. I am so proud of my “guns”… LOL…no bat wings for me anymore…

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