Time has been passing along for me and I haven’t posted. Lots have happened since my last post…I started working at my new job. I love it so much…but of course nothing can be easy. I was selected for the position because I was supposed to be replacing the young lady that was there. She was supposed to be going to another state for a new job. No problem, right? Nope…big fecking problem. She “decided” yesterday (although I believe it was already decided for her due to a problem getting her clearance) that she in fact would not be taking the job in the other state and she is deciding to stay at the position that I am filling right now. What in the Hell?? I mean…where does that leave me. She started to clear out her desk and now she has put everything back on her desk. She isn’t leaving…damn! Thank goodness I am a career employee with the Government and I accepted a permanent position or I would be screwed. I am TRYING to be the Shepard in this situation. I understand that she has personal issues that she has to deal with and I am TRYING to be nice. I know that the organization has to place me somewhere…so I am not sweating that. I am just a bit irritated because I REALLY like where I am and I LOVE to help the troops. I think I would be a better choice to work there (this woman has ZERO customer service skills and really doesn’t give a shit about her clients…the troops…she has what she calls communication issues…what-the-hell-ever!) I understand the soldiers and I know how to deal with them. I believe that you catch more flies with honey and things get done when you aren’t acting like a MEGA BITCH…especially with soldiers. Sigh…so I am in a state of limbo because noone has told me what the hell will happen to me since she up and decided that she isn’t leaving at all.
On the diet front I am rocking!! I am losing more weight because of the lack of availability of foods. I bring my water and foods to work and I just eat that. The woman that is “training” (I am using that word loosely…I don’t want to be like her at all) me is now eating whatever I eat and has started to exercise. I have converted someone to the low carb way of life. She admitted that she feels better than ever since she started to eat this way two weeks ago. She even said that she has lost weight…GOOD FOR HER!! Since starting my new job I have dropped a size. I feel great and I think I look great. I wonder what my parents will think when they see me again. I hope they are impressed…and not be worried about me. My sister in law and my brother both told me that I don’t need to lose anymore weight. Lou has told me that I am allowed another 5 pounds before they stage an intervention and tie me to a chair and feed me bread and sugar. He also threatened my Billy DVDs…them is fighting words to me. Billy has been a constant in my life and I will never give up my daily workouts with him. I guess a beat down of my brother is in the works.
Speaking of Billy and my Brother…Lou did a workout with me. Guess what…he LOVED the new Amped series. Woohoo!! I am hoping he will start passing by my house after work to do a nice workout with me during the week. I have an extra Amped bar (bought that on a whim) so we can tone and burn fat together. Billy isn’t telling lies when he says that you will see results fast…this is the best workout that I have ever purchased. Run and get it if you already haven’t…
Tomorrow I will be inspecting a Troop’s room and after that I will have two weeks to show the Boss that I am the better choice for the position that for some reason I am fighting to keep. I was selected…but the woman staying has fecked up the whole works. If I don’t get to stay where I am I will not cry…they will probably place me in a slot that is a GS-9 level…more money for me…just a little more aggravation. I will see…
I will not let so much time pass again…I finally got my log-on at work and I will be configuring the computer tomorrow. I can’t wait to get my computer up and working again…



  1. lisamechelle says:

    Robin, Obviously I don’t know a thing about government jobs, but don’t you have any right to keep it? It wasn’t your fault her job fell through. I’d ask somebody instead of wondering. Congrats on the weight loss, and I love your pic on the header. It was like you were watching me read your post, LOL!

  2. fatsavage says:

    You Know the eyes at the top are sexy and the family bog is sweet, sorry ‘m gonna piss you off in the next week.
    Check, the fat savage blog, tell all you know and run from me. ;_)
    If it’s a lie, it’s a good one.

  3. Robin says:

    Lisa…I am looking at the header and I think I will change it. Kinda is like I am looking at you. I was just playing around with trying to get a new look and I cropped a picture of mine. I am not that worried about the job situation…I was enlightened by the Boss and I know that I am not going anywhere.
    Savage…thanks for the compliment. I am sure you will not piss me off next week. I wasn’t going for sexy at all…I was trying to get as much of my face in the header as possible… 🙂

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